Trying to decide best time for our children's (6 and 8) first trip

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

Our original plan was to plan a trip for this September. That was supposed to be before Galaxy’s Edge opened. We figured Galaxy’s Edge could be on our next trip (whenever that would be…probably 2022 or beyond). The (staring to) cool temps and the (normally) thinned out crawds would have been perfect for the girl’s first trip.

But then… Iger goes and ruins everything for me (as usual) :wink:

With GE opening on August 29th, there is no way in Hades we could take that trip in September.

Trying to re-plan and was hoping for some thoughts/advice about alternate trip dates.

I have basically narrowed it down to 2:

February 2020 or
May 6thish 2019.

The temp would be amazing in February…but I fear still unreasonable crowds (especially with the Rise of Resistance not slated to open until later in 2019).

The week of May 6th this year seems to be moderate to almost light crowds (according to most crowd calendars)… but, it will be a little warmer than we’d hoped for.

My question is: how confident are we in the TP crowd calendar’s guesses for May 6th through May 9th ?

Can’t afford to stay on-site, so fining a room at this short notice is no issue. But, when i looked just for fun, it seemed like all the value resort rooms were booked (or at least “This room type is unavailable for the dates, party size or offer selected”… should that concern me?

Can only afford 3-day non-park hopper tickets (plan to do maybe HS, MK, rest day, AK ?). Not too worried about FP since the parks shouldn’t be that crowded… (and also can’t afford expensive food, so not at all worried about dining reservations).

Just want to hear some thoughts about expected crowds during that week this May.

Thanks all!!

We went last May at that time. Crowds were very manageable. However, we utilized our FPs and extra FPs. I’m not sure how standby was during the busy times of day. It was hot during the day, but mornings and evenings felt very comfortable. I’m kind of confused about your thoughts on the weather though. You were scheduled for September, which is incredibly hot and humid, much more than the week we were there in May. We went at the end of September 2016 and the humidity was aweful.


I’d do May. Early May is probably the best balance of crowds and weather.


Definitely early May. One of our favorite times of year - warm, but not humid. Relatively light crowds.

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I would recommend May for sure. I did a quick look on for May 6th for 4 nights and Coronado Springs and Caribbean Beach are both available for in the $180’s, and of course there are plenty of off site options too. I don’t think getting fast passes will be a problem (with the exception of 7DMT, SDD and FOP) but there is a lot of info here on pretty reliable same day fast pass drops for many of the popular rides so don’t worry about that. The weather in may will be perfect. We were there the week before memorial day last so higher crowds than the week you are thinking of and crowds were no problem at all, especially with a touring plan.

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oh, I didn’t notice earlier but the all stars resorts are available on priceline for $95.


I agree with an earlier poster…we’ve been in both May and September and September is miserably hot and humid. May weather is much better.

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We opted for May because we know that our kids will want to swim and try the waterslides at our hotel. February weather can be iffy for swimming.

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just read an article today by disney tourist blog.

firsr - September not expected to be awful.
2nd May was one of his better months. i would pick May…weather not unbearable at that point

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Onsite is booked year round so no indication. I’m going first week of May. I’m loving the predicated wait times - almost too good to be true. I hope it pans out.

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I would pick early May. Spring break will be over and summer crowds haven’t started.

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yes as @missoverexcited said, hotels stay booked…never an indication of park crowds

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Thank you all SOOOOOO much! And you are definitely correct about the weather in September. I have no idea what I was thinking! I grew up in Florida, for Pete’s sake, I should have remembered. The last time my wife and I were there was before daughter #1…so, 2010 in October. Must have been a October that year, so I was conflating.

But, May is sounding great!

And for the record I apologize for all my grumpy grumbling about “can’t afford this, can’t afford that”. :wink: Sometimes I just get a little upset that they seem to be actively trying to price out families who aren’t independently wealthy.

My folks were able to take us there almost every year or every other year while we were growing up (and we were a family of five). There is no way they could have done that at today’s prices.

In any case, thanks again for the advice. I truly appreciate the help!


I hope you have a marvelous time!
Don’t worry about any grumpiness, I think we all understand and have had moments similar about the cost.
I get even more upset when they make it hard to book things or don’t release date for special event until late. I am sitting here thinking, “We drive cars that cost less than I am spending on this vacation.”


Don’t worry about the values being booked. I remember the TP said that is not really a predictor of crowds. There is a dance or cheer competition that week, but I don’t think that makes a huge park impact, but that is the reason the values are booked. I’m needing to add a day to my stay at Pop, so I’m hoping that more will open up at 30 days. When I talked with a CM about it, he said they hold the value hotels for the groups and then release rooms when they don’t get used.

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