Trying to choose trip dates

I could use some help deciding on the last week of Sept. 2021 (leaving before the 1st Oct) or arriving after the 1st Oct, say the 4th. Trying to avoid the massive crowd of Oct 1st but would like to enjoy all that the 50th Anniversary has to offer.

I’d take option B, arriving around or after the 4th.

Most of the people I know who are going have trips booked for roughly 9/30-10/4


Thank you, that sounds like great advice!

Only thing to consider is Columbus Day weekend falls on the 11 I believe. Not sure the impact.

If I wanted to see what the 50th brings, I’d def go after.

Good point. Thinking of going the 4th-9th Oct.

FWIW I saw some confirmed dvc stays on for those dates.