Trying to Budget for Dining Tips

Does anyone know of a good place to find out dining costs at peak times? We will be there Christmas week. I’ve gone through each menu on the WDW website to pull out the most expensive items on the menus to make sure we budget enough for tips, but am unsure if those costs change during peak times. They normally have to make DH’s meals special, as in not from a menu, so those costs are hard to predict. Which is why I am taking the most expensive items to estimate. It would be better to have too much budgeted than not enough.

Anyway, I don’t know about buffets. I’ve been using the largest number listed for those, but not sure that’s how it works, especially for breakfast and lunch. Do those go up during peak times? How can I find out? Also, I’m not a big proponent on tipping 18% to 20% for buffets. What are your thoughts on that?

We’ve decided that only I am going to The Wave on 12/26 while DH and DD16 RD MK, since that will be out of pocket. When I look at the allergy menu on Touring Plans, it shows prices per entree, but the website says it’s a buffet. Which is it?

Here is my planning sheet. has the prices ranges :slight_smile:


You should still tip 18-20% for buffets. Servers are constantly clearing your plates, they’re not doing any less work than other servers and are making the same crappy wage.


Also I believe the wave has a buffet and a regular menu.

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You can call Disney dining and they can give you the exact cost of the buffets on your actual day, I have done this before.

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We were at Biergarten last week I so never wanted to not tip a waitress in my life. The show and food was excellent but we were seated with another family. When we were seated I told the waitress we were on the DDP, the other family were paying OOP. She took the drink order on our end of the table, but every time she came back she was at the other end to refill drinks and clear plates. She cleared our plates once and never came back to check on us or to refill our drinks. I had to ask another server to find her to get our check and when she came she dropped the bill and said just sign it and then she was gone. The bill showed full price was due. After ten min she came back I asked her why it showed full price she said to ignore it because of the DDP and we just needed to leave tip. At this point I just wanted to go but I was nice and tipped 18% of the meal not including my 1 beer. Any where else and it would have been 10%. It is still my favorite place in EPCOT but next time I want a different server.

Oh for bad service that’s a different matter.

Oh no! Hope we don’t get her when we’re there! I’ve never been there before and it was my idea to add it this year.

The show and food more then made up for the bad service. Her name started with a “J” I will not give more because she may have had a bad night. But as stated I will go back, it is that GOOD in my opinion.

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I’m looking forward to going and trying out a new restaurant.

I’m sure that she was very thankful to you. It’s hard being a server and when you have a bad night…anyways, I’m just telling you thanks from her. I’m sure she knows she didn’t deserve that much. :slightly_smiling_face: