Trying to book 2 weeks in a standard

Tomorrow is my day to schedule a re-do.

I hope to get a standard 1 bedroom at BLT for 2 weeks. I am in PST, so I would need to set an alarm for 3am to get the newly released dates, and iirc I can only book 7-10 days out, with the need to modify daily for the next 7 days to get the full two weeks.

Different cast members tell me different things. I had one magical woman book the entire thing for me on the first day of booking availability (WHY DID I NOT WRITE DOWN HER NAME!?!?!?!?!) Most others tell me to call back and modify every day. A few advised to wait until 7 days after the start of the booking window to book both weeks at once. One had some weird waitlist mojo she implemented to combine several “trips” into one.

With only 26(?) standard 1 bedrooms available, they go out super quick and I rarely get one immediately for the entire duration, especially with the time difference.

Short of adding more points so we can do a 2 week lake view (DH…take notes for my wish list next X-mas), what would you do? Set an alarm for 3 am ticking off the entire house, wait until halfway through the booking window to both reserve the week before and the week after, or pray to the waitlist fairies that a 7 am PST booking will be “early” enough to get the dates I want.

I should also mention that we travel with a lot of stuff. It’s a serious pain to switch rooms, so we try to avoid at all costs.

Last time I booked was pre covid, so I’m not even sure what, if any, new policies are. You guys are often Magic Makers in your own rights, any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Right now, the plan is to call Thursday for a 12/1 booking date. We’re trying the standard 1 bed. If that’s unavailable then as follows Standard 2 bed, 1 bed lake, 2 bed lake. Modifying daily as needed.

I don’t have advice but good luck! I hope you are able to get what you want for the dates you need. :slight_smile:

Paging @Nickysyme. :slight_smile:

Thursday is 12/31 so you can’t book 12/1?

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I was debating between 11/30, and 12/1 but the seasonal change rates, especially if I have to upgrade the room, came harder into play. So for 12/1, the booking window said I have to wait until New Years Day, but the offices are closed to call. I’ll still try to get in on the website, but then that goes back to being up at 3 am.


You can book a week at the 11 month mark.

You don’t have to add on a day at a time, no one else can get that room until 11 months from the day you check-out.

So if you book the 1st to 8th (check-in, check-out), you can wait until Jan 7th and add on 6 days and then the next day add on the last day. The only things to stop you doing that is an IT glitch or a room being taken out of inventory. Maybe do it after 4 days and then after 3 more.

Your biggest problem is getting the standard room. People will be walking and it may not be possible to get one at 11 months. If you can see it today, book it and then walk it forward.

Is there a reason you say you’re going to call? That puts you an hour behind everyone online. You can also modify online, I can talk you through that.

As for booking the 1st, I’m pretty sure you’ll have to wait until the 2nd if you call. No harm in trying tomorrow though.

Good luck!


Thank you Nicky!

That helped me out immensely. Standards were already out for both the 1 and the 2, but I went ahead and booked a lake view with the intention of wait listing a standard if need be. I’m always so frustrated with other people walking, because I never get the room I want without a wait, that I never thought to do it myself. Even knowing that people will release the days soon after booking gives me peace of mind that I don’t have to be the one planning exactly 11 months out next time. A day or two later might actually be better.

I had forgotten that online is earlier than calling now, that is usually my preferred method anyway, it was just easier with the length of the stay to see if someone who had a little extra magic up her sleeve could book the entire 2 weeks at once. It’s funny how much better the site has gotten in the almost 4 years since I last tried to plan a DW trip.

PS, you can never lose your Liner Status! You help so many people, especially people who think they know it all like me. Your help is very much appreciated, thank you!