Trying the Dessert Parties

Planning our first trip and Ive noticed and booked some (ok most) of the dessert parties and was wondering who’s tried them and what feedback they can provide.

The only one we are skipping is the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party since I’ve read Illuminations can be seen almost everywhere around the lake.

First we are doing the Fireworks Dessert Party in the Plaza Garden Viewing

2nd night is the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party (all 3 of us love Star Wars)

Finally the Fantasmic! Dessert & VIP Viewing Experience

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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We have done several of the dessert parties. I think HEA is probably worth it for the view from the plaza garden. The desserts weren’t terribly interesting and the dessert area was so crowded with long lines for desserts. The garden viewing area wasn’t crowded though and was quite enjoyable. We have done the SW dessert party several times because my DS is a huge fan. It’s been different every time we have done it. DS and I did it on 4/21/18 and found the dessert party area in the Launch Bay was very crowded. There is essentially no seating–you stand at tables that are very close together. Despite this I thought the food options were decent. I really liked the pita and hummus since it was a good savory option. My DS ate a ridiculous amount of frozen nutella (it really is good). There were alcoholic drinks available. After the dessert party stormtroopers lead the group to the viewing area. This time we were seated on the ground in front of the general viewing area (on our previous visit we stood in a reserved section). It was sort of nice to sit, but it was on concrete so not really comfortable. The view of the projections was great, but it was hard to really see the fireworks because we were so close (but honestly the fireworks aren’t a huge part of this show). We have never done the Fantasmic dessert viewing. We have done the FEA dessert party which I love but I know you’re skipping that one.

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What did you love about the FEA dessert party? I am thinking about doing this one for my trip in November.

Honestly getting to sit at a table and have a great view of Illuminations was wonderful. Also there was cheese fondue with fruit and bread–I appreciate options at these parties that aren’t all desserts. It was also quite fabulous to walk to FEA after park closing. The dessert party group were the only people at the ride. And then after the ride we just slowly walked around the WS–it was so quiet and peaceful. I would do this one again.

Last year I did the HEA Plaza Garden, the SW and the FEA.

This year I’m doing the HEA Plaza Garden again. I think the price is not crazy and the view is terrific. The desserts are OK. As has been said, the food area is a zoo, but the viewing area isn’t.

I liked the FEA because you got both IllumiNations and FEA. It was nice to sit down after a long, hot day. I actually booked it again this year, but I changed my schedule and it wasn’t offered on the new day. I thought the food and drinks were indifferent. But that’s not the reason I booked the party.

The SW was my least favourite. The Stormtroopers are cool for the first five minutes until you realise they just trot out the same three phrases over and over again. There’s no seating and it’s fairly busy. The food was probably the best at this party. I didn’t book it again because I wasn’t that impressed with the show. But then I’m not a huge SW fan.

I booked the Fantasmic dessert package this year, but cancelled it when I decide to scale down my DHS day. Last year I did the HBD + Fantasmic package, which I thought was a great deal. Really good seats.

I just did the HEA party last month. Was not impressed with the food selection and there were no sodas or alcohol. The wait staff did a poor job of clearing tables and after a gathering of gnats i had to clear myself. The only drinks they had were coffee, tea, juices and water. For me juice does not go well with other sweets especially chocolate, so my only option was water since i would never get to sleep if i had coffee. They kept running out of water. Maybe i caught them on a bad night, but as was said you just cant beat the viewing area.

I have also done the SW party. Food was much better and again the view was outstanding. The staff seemed much more on the ball. But as mentioned by others no chairs during the party. This was held in the Launch Bay so we were able to hop over and Meet Chewbacca during the party. However the last time i was there in December i did the Jingle Bell Jingle Jam party. This was done in front of the Chinese Theater and was set up with tables and chairs

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