Trying Something I'm Not Sure About


True. This is sounding more and more like what we will do: rent one at the park if we need it for a particular day. DH can sometimes walk just fine, and I’m building my stamina now. We have practiced me pushing him in his wheelchair while he pushes the walker. It looks weird, but I can do that for him if he needs help going up inclines.


Thanks! I actually know that, but others may not know. And valet parking is free with handicapped plates, too, so all we have to do is tip them. That works out very well for us when we eat at some of the resorts.


Those third party ones where quite zippy compared to others, even on the slow speed! That was rough getting used to for me. Mine went much faster when the battery was newly charged. I should have contacted the company, but I didn’t.




Oh, the ones in grocery stores are nothing like the one I used last year. They set them as such a slow speed that there is no comparison. I am very good at maneuvering one of those. The one we rented from Scooter Bug was quite, well, zippy.


Definitely going. No problem there. We’ve prepaid the trip and all of our spending money is on gift cards we purchased from BJs. There’s no going back. We’ve run into some other financial issues, which is why we dropped the ECVs from our budget. We will play it by ear. Thanks for your encouragement and ideas.


He can move the wheels himself on flat ground or going down inclines. He’ll need help getting up inclines, though.

This is very true.

Yes, and we just bought a thing for it that you get for strollers that connects to the top bar that holds cups and stuff. It’s really for strollers, but it’s perfect for the walker.

It will hold our blankets, cups and other stuff, and it comes off quite easily if I need to take it off for any rides, etc.

Excellent idea! Can’t do that until the 23rd, though, since Pop doesn’t have a hot tub. Hot water in the bathtub will have to do for the first two nights. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to revisit this and let everyone know how our decision turned out. We decided to take DH’s wheelchair and the walker. Although I moved slowly and became tired by the end of the day, I am glad I walked. My sciatica really didn’t bother me since I would sit down if it looked like I would be in one place too long. It allowed me to eat a dessert or have an alcoholic drink every once in a while. I would do this again. Next time, though, I will practice more leading up to the trip.

Gregg and the wheelchair was not such a great idea. It really aggravated his condition. I wish we had gotten him an ECV. It was hard for me to push him if Aneira wasn’t around. There were some places that she had a hard time pushing him (e.g., hill from UK to France). He’s thinking about getting a power chair.


Let me know how this works for him. I did a little looking and Medicare will pay 80% but I can not get a scooter because I can’t use it in my house. I don’t need one for my home I need one to go out and about and they won’t pay for that. I’ve been looking on craigs list and have found many that would be good for Gregg but not strong enough for my pooh sized butt.


Well, he doesn’t have Medicare; he has my insurance through work. He has started the process by going to his neurologist this week. We’ll see. It’s not just his legs that are affected; it’s his back and arms, too. Some days are worse than others.


Best of luck I hope all turns out well.