Trying not to lose my nut - upcoming WDW and UO trip May 5 to 16

I need to vent. We have a DVC rental at AKL with a Savannah view, all the Genie + videos have been watched and studied, we practiced with Genie + in Disneyland, we have made detailed touring plans, ordered Garden Grocer, made our dining reservations.

The only thing standing between us and what might possibly be our last trip to WDW is a negative antigen test to enter the States. So we’ve kept the kiddo out of her in person trumpet lessons and gymnastics for the last two weeks and bring her home for lunch even though a majority of her class still wear masks in school. We ourselves routinely still wear our masks everywhere. And I’d say out and about in our community 75% of the folks are still wearing masks. Was feeling very confident we’d be going on this trip.

Today when my kid came home for lunch, she told me that her close friend and desk mate is sick with symptoms at school and not wearing a mask. Apparently, the friend took three home rapid tests that were negative but the friend isn’t fully vaccinated and well home tests are reportedly not all that accurate. What else could it be except COVID? The Public Health language in Ontario is very much “if you have any cold symptoms, assume it’s COVID and isolate yourself.”

I’m freaking out. And trying not to cry. It’s one week exactly till we need to get our official negative rapid test.

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Home tests are actually very accurate at picking up infectious cases. It could be a cold or any one of a myriad of viruses that didn’t stop existing just because of covid. Breath! Try not to panic. I do get it because I’m already worried about our negative test requirement in July - it’s not that easy to keep a 17yo away from his friends in the holidays. But don’t instantly assume that it’s covid. If she’s doing the tests correctly and getting negatives, it probably isn’t.



My daughter has had several non Covid colds this year, caught at school while masking. It could definitely be something routine!


My brother got the flu as did some of my daughter’s friends. My daughter is triple vaxed and had Omicron and feels cold symptoms today. When she had symptoms the home test very accurately said she did. It was dark pink (the covid line), very very dark pink. You’re probably okay.


Both my wife and I came down with a really bad cold with all the symptoms of COVID. We were convinced we had it. But three separate tests across a few days told us otherwise. No one else got it. So, yeah…other things are going around.


oh wow…okay…okay…(sorry, your little is unwell though)

Okay, feeling less psycho about it…weird to think there is anything to catch other than the Vid. I’ll home test in a few days just to see…WDW: so close, yet so far. I’m so excited I’ve almost agreed to sit through Country Bear Jamboree again.


I’m such an A -type that after I sent this post I researched and purchased what is purported to be the most sensitive home test (and then had it Fedex’ed). :stuck_out_tongue: And you are correct missoverexcited, symptomatic home testing has a pretty high % of accurate testing.

I’ve made promises to the 12 yr old that we can host a few sleepovers with her friends when we back to make up for enforcing masked visits in the park for the two weeks before our trip. Hopefully that will make up for having to deal with a hysterical mother for two weeks. :rofl: