Trying for CRT pre-RD... still


I have a pre-RD CP but am trying to switch to CRT if I can get one (for Nov. 2nd). Whenever I look online it lists CRT as please call to book. I have called a few times with no luck. My question is will an opening ever appear online (if there is one) or do I need to be calling every day to check?


That's what is shows when something has no ADR's available. It is definitely possible to book online there were times showing for it when I did our ADR's.


Thanks. I will keep checking online every day but if my best chances are calling at a certain time every day then I will do that. Just checking What Would Liners Do. At 180 days CRT felt like too much of a splurge but considering gratuity and tax (I think) are included in the listed price it will be about $40-50 more than CP and I think I can spring for that if I can get it.


Maybe there will be a liner who has a CRT ADR that day that wants CP and we can trade! smile


Good luck to you! It's the big downside to having to pick your dining so far in advance. And you never know with the 24 hour cancellation policy you might find something just the day or evening before you want to go.