Trust the plan?

The one day MK touring plan puts 7DMT as the first attraction, but when I customize a plan, the computer puts it much later in the day, with a 35 minute wait. Even when I just put in the headliners as required, 7DMT is still coming up later.
Should I trust in the plan that its going to save us oodles of time?
We’re going to the MK on 10/10/14.
I have some fastpasses for Epcot in the afternoon, I was going to try to switch them to MK, but don’t know if any 7DMT FPPs would be available any way.

obiewan Len…help me!!

I am not an expert, but I have been playing around with my plans all week for our 11/2 trip. I trust them to an extent, but you can switch attractions to what you want, hit evaluate, and then compare your wait/walking times to those in the optimized plan suggested for you. For MK, I moved the suggested time for 7DMT (which was also the middle of the day) to first thing after RD, and made it work because I just know that will be the best option since we could not get FPP. I was able to improve upon or at least approximate the optimized plan in most cases. This also may entail switching around some of your FPP reservations. I am a little obsessive but it is fun. My only wait more than 15 minutes or so for two days at MK is 36 min at SM because we could not get a FPP. I think that is good. Crowd level 5-6 when we are there.

Yeah, the plan looks reasonable, including the 7DMT time. You might re-optimize one more time, just to see what it says.

I was a little concerned about that Space Mountain estimate of 13 minutes at 10:30 AM. However, last year on the same date (Friday, Oct 11), the actual wait was 22. So with the FP+ effects we’ve been documenting, 13 doesn’t seem impossible.

What are your EP Fastpasses for? I’m assuming Soarin’ or Test Track, and something else?

Also, @drosenbe, have you really been registered on this site for 10 years? I see a minor variation of your email address going back that far.

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I did have a soarin FP+, but it looked like there were a lot in my time frame, so I tried getting FPP for MK. 7DMT was sold out so i got one for space mtn (10:10am) and under the sea (11:10am).
Do you think I should try rebooking the afternoon FPP at Epcot? We’re doing the 3D dessert party that night, so I was really only interested in the Soarin FPP anyway. We’ll be doing rope drop at Epcot on 10/12, so I figured I we could do Soarin that morning.

I realize that you have the statistics (wait time, ride time, walking time) at the bottom of the plans. I’m not sure if you have an obvious tutorial that I missed, but that might be a topic for WDWToday, on how to use the optimizer

re: my register date, its entirely possible. I have an unofficial guide from 1990 (updated with the new MGM Studios!), and we visited WDW pretty much every year or so since the 90s, so I’m pretty sure I would have registered if it was available.

Well, thanks for using the site that long!

I’m not sure giving up that Soarin’ FPP is going to get you shorter waits at the MK. It looks like you could save around 55 minutes with, say, a Peter Pan and Haunted Mansion FP, but you’d give that back at Soarin’. And it’s unlikely there’ll be Soarin’ FPs available that late in the day.