True thoughts about the Murphy beds at CBR

I really need everyone’s honest opinion and help from the CBR experts!
We are doing a girls trip to celebrate my sweet mama that is 82 and never been to Disney before.
This trip was suppose to be an affordable trip, hoping to keep the cost under $1000 per person (airfare included).

After much debate, we booked this girls trip at CBR room for 5, but when FD came out on Monday there was no FD for CBR, but after constant stalking of the Disney website, yesterday morning CBR became available! We were all sooooo excited then my youngest daughter says POP is available for 2 rooms with FD and we would have an extra room + an extra bathroom so we put 2 rooms on hold at POP so now we have to decide so we can cancel/release one. HELP!

We really need help deciding IF we even need to try and make the murphy bed work.

Our party consists of 5 ladies, none of us are high maintenance:
Me(56)- 5’6", a little fluffy but I sleep curled up
Daughter(36) 1- 5’ 10", fluffy
Daughter 2(26)- 5’8", normal size
Sister(49)- 5’ 6", normal size
Mom (82)- 5’0, tiny
We are all pretty active and in good health. We will use a wheelchair for mom to get around the parks and the resort, just so she won’t wear out, but truly to be 82, she is amazingly active and agile.
We DO NOT stay in the room at all, only to sleep.
We are rope drop and close the parks down people. We will be the ones that are leisurely strolling and stopping to make sure mom see’s everything, so no rushing at all.

For those that have stayed in a CBR room with the murphy bed, please help with your experience.
I don’t “think” I will have trouble sleeping on it since we sleep on cots for several nights camping and mom says she would love to have that little bed (but who knows) LOL.
I do remember back in November at POP, one of the beds in our room was like sleeping on springs, the mattress was sooo worn down so I know that couldn’t be much better than sleeping on a murphy bed.

I am all about staying on the budget but not at the expense of being miserable.

Thank you in advance!

Kind of SFL…
But the murphy beds at POR are tiny! My youngest (7) will fit fine this year, but our next trip in a year or two will probably require 2 rooms, or family suite, as I think she won’t fit well next time!
Not sure about the CBR rooms though…

Not to make it complicated, but the FD is a LOT of food. It might actually save you more money to try to get the room only discount and pay for meals OOP. I mean, many of the counter service meals can be split between 2 people! We always save more by taking the room discount instead of the free dining.

Hi @spoerlx3

The size of that mattress at CBR is 64" X 30"

Hope that helps with your decision

I am with @willijen. Have NEVER gotten excited about “free” dining. First off there is NOTHING - I repeat NOTHING free at Disney. They are masters of a story - and for the most part - FREE is just an illusion. I would go on the premise of what is going to make this a GOOD trip - while also staying within a budget. With few exceptions we have not found the Meal Plan (free or not) to work for us. As you noted people are “normal” size - I’m not really sure what that means. For my family - with the exception of Character Meals - we have found paying $$ is much more cost effective

We bring breakfast items (Oatmeal, Bread and Peanut Butter, Cereal) and eat in the room as it makes the morning just a bit easier. We do one counter service and usually one sit down. We don’t order soda as a rule (milk and water). We also split items (as some of the food it too much and my wife orders off the kids menu a lot as she prefers some of the kiddie menu items. We don’t usually order alcohol (except if it is a really nice sit down) and we rarely order deserts or appetizers in addition to a main course.

My preference would be staying at “the more comfortable” resort and pay ala carte. Also you can save A LOT of money if you get your tickets via Undercover Tourist or other reputable ticket broker. We got Universal and WDW tickets this last trip and saved a LOT of money that way.

Please note also that the FREE for POP is probably just QUICK SERVICE - so you will have to upgrade to “full” meal. However POP will give you two rooms, two bathrooms and with 5 people- that may be a benefit in and of itself.

Best of luck - sure you will have a great time.

I stayed at POP this month. I liked it a lot but its not as comfy as moderate. However, I don’t think the murphy bed is designed for an adult. It fit my 8 year old well in POR but an adult would be uncomfortable. Also, the extra bathroom at POP would be nice. My evaluation is that Free dining is more of a deal at the value and moderate resorts than the deluxe.

I slept on the Murphy at PORRS. I liked it. I am 5’5" and “fluffy” (love that!) I sleep on a foam memory matress at home and that is what the Murphy felt like to me. I did have to sleep curled and it was small. That said I think what you could do is keep the two rooms at pop BUT only one as free dining and the other as a room only discount. You could split the free dining up so every configuration of peopl, if you split up has a magic band tied to the free dining room. Thus eliminating the quantity of food. Or put max number of peeps in free dining room and the rest in room discount. I think the two bathrooms sealed the deal for me. You just can’t beat that. Think about it at least one time the bathroom will be in use and you will HAVE to go. You can request and hopefully get connecting rooms or at least near one another.

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