True test of TPs this weekend!

I’ve never been to WDW during a holiday before. I’ve been using TPs for every visit and love how they work, keeping our wait times very low. Going this weekend (Memorial Day) will be a true test of how well TPs work. Crowd Levels are going to be 8, 9 or 10 depending on the day. So I’m hoping TPs do their job and keep waits to 15 minutes or less, as they currently show!

Has anyone ever been during Memorial Day weekend before using TPs? Were they successful?

I’ve never been over Memorial Day, but when we went for Thanksgiving, it was also quite crowded (CL 8-10) and the TPs were awesome. They really worked. I found that some rides ended up having slightly higher wait times, while others ended up lower, so everything evened out over the entire day. Our only hiccup was at HS. Our TP said it would take 20 min to ride RnR, but it took more like 50. I think we were partly to blame for this because we arrived at the ride later than we had planned, and I didn’t re-optimize. But even with that, we got back on track pretty quickly and everything ended up fitting in according to plan times.

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Yup! We were there Dec 28-31, 2012. I had the book with me for TP but this was before my TP obsession extended to the website so I don’t know exact crowd levels. On the 31 in particular most parks closed to non-resort guests, so I am guessing 10?

Anyway, TP kept us moving thru all 4 parks and we saw everything we planned to each day. The only epic wait was about an hour for our ADR at Tusker House on the 31, and it was understandable given the crowds (and delicious!). I even managed to impress my in-laws with my navigation of crowds at MK. Yay, TP! Have fun with your visit.