True Start Time

I’ve never done RunDisney before and didn’t submit a time for corral placement. If the race officially starts at 5 and I’m in one of the later corrals will I at least be starting by 5:30? Trying to plan timing logistics leaving the race to get to parks. Also, how much time between crossing the finish line and getting onto transport to leave the race?

I was in start group 5 and I crossed the start line at 5:18am. The first group went off at 4:55. They did try to expedite the groups because they knew it was going to get hot and they didn’t want to have to cut the course like they did in 2020 (marathon).

You really should leave your room between 3-3:30 and plan to get to the start between 4-4:30.

The original group from the Ready To Run group met up for our hello and pics and good luck fist bumps just after 4am. I arrived at the start at 4:35 per text message time stamp. It was close to 20 minute walk from the entrance area to the start. Plan accordingly.


That’s up to you. I crossed the finish line just about 12pm per photo time stamp, and I was in my room by 12:55 per text message time stamp. I was at Poly and used monorail transport.

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This is very helpful. Thank you.

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My pleasure!

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I’ll add that the marathon start was quicker than the other races. As @OBNurseNH said, they started at 455a and the time between waves seemed shorter to me than the previous few days. @Shellott-hill did you think so too? Could have just been my excitement that made it seem to be going faster.

I was in the front of S4…
5k started at 500, I started at 517
10k started at 500, I started at 520
Half started at 500, I started at 525 (I was further back in S4 this morning)
Full started at 455, I started at 511

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There is quite a walk from the actual finish line to transportation. I would say 10 minutes. Two years ago I was trying to get to HS after the 5k to get a BG for ROTR and I actually just kept running passed the finish line all the way to the parking lot where a friend was waiting in his car to drive us over. I think I probably got there in 5 minutes. The issue you will have with the buses is that you may wait 10 minutes before it actually leaves. Or maybe longer if one just left. I think I’ve waited 20 minutes before.


This is way quicker than I had anticipated. I was thinking an hour finish time to leave time so this is great news!

I’m trying to go straight to HS after the 10k and straight to AK after the half so I’m thinking I’ll just try and get a Lyft….hoping there’s availability :woman_shrugging:t2::crossed_fingers:t3:

If you do this and are not planning to change, please consider bringing a hotel towel to place on the seat.

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Here are the start times according to my Garmin watch for me.

For the 5k, my DD and I were is S3 about mid-pack. We started at 05:10 am.
For the 10k I was mid pack in S3 and started at 05:17 am.
For the Half, my DS and I were mid pack of S3 and started at 05:20 am.
For the full, I was closer to the front of S3 and started at 05:04 am.

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For the 5k, my DD and I ran a slower pace that would closely mimic a 10k. We started at 05:10am in the middle of the S3 corral and ran it in 00:51:09. This puts our end time at around 06:01 am. We immediately walked over to the Boardwalk bus and were on our way within 10 minutes or so.

The Boardwalk bus shared drop-offs with Swan, Dolphin, Yacht and Beach Club. If we would have known that Boardwalk was the last stop, we would have gotten off at the Swan instead.

We walked over to HS from boardwalk and were the first people in line for the security hold back. This is where they hold you near the skyliner before letting you line up at the turnstiles. We ended up being the first family on RotR with our speed-walking from the turnstiles to the attraction.

You may be a little more challenged to get to AK early enough after the Half to beat the crowds. I did it after the 10k by taking the bus to AKL and then a Lyft to AK. Fortunately my DS and DD were already in line and we were able to make it to FoP near the middle of the first rushing pack of people. Unless you are super fast and AK opens later, you may not make RD.

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Really helpful info, thank you!! I’m keeping my RD targets lower priority for HS (RnRC and TSL) and just planning on LL and ILL for NRJ and FOP in AK. Since AK is the day of the half I’m aiming on a low stress, relaxing day!

I’m staying at BWV so I may just do what y’all did for HS. I may even have time to run to my room and change!

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For Wine and Dine Half…the official Start Time was 5:00AM - I was in the last corral and the very last group to start the race (I positioned myself so that I was with the final official pacing group in that corral)…we started at 5:54 AM.
In other words…there were people that crossed the finish line 20 minutes after I started :rofl:


For WDW half in Jan, I was also in s4 and look like I started my apple tracking about 5:29 and got on the bus around 9:30am (we ran a 3:46 half). We stayed at the swan and it’s the first stop back on the bus, so getting back to the hotel wasn’t bad.