Trouser rant — and panic!

I’m the same.

Chinos are fine. That’s what my husband has worn every time we’ve been to V&A.

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I don’t want to bore anyone with an old story that I think I’ve mentioned in another thread, but one of my most dreaded moments in life is being underdressed. Been there, felt like a loser, will never let it happen again if I can help it.
Just last night I went to DD’s middle school for an event. It was very last minute so I just considered it “come as you are”. We got there and she commented that it was kind of a dress up thing… I nearly turned around and left. In fact, it was totally casual, no special attire expected or required. But, that momentary feeling of being out of step and disrespectful to others that made an effort was upsetting.

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You’ll be totally fine. Take my advice with a grain of salt, because I’m on the western US side of the dress code divide. If you’re in a nice restaurant west of the Mississippi, you can be smart but moderately casual. How you act counts WAY more than how you look.


I may have to crank up the British accent a bit.


The world of clothing is changing. For example, I, to this day, can’t bring myself to wear jeans to church even though the pastor preaches in jeans and people are there in shorts during the summer. But I still cling to the studies that show that when people dress nicer, they ultimately work harder/do better, etc. Of course, those studies are older and may have been replaced by more recent studies that show just the opposite. I’m just careful not to read any such studies for fear of destroying my world view. :slight_smile:

I will say that I paid $24 for my dress pants, but $54 for my Levi’s. So, you might argue that wearing jeans would be a step up!


My new chinos were £89! (Although I did get a £25 discount.)

I think with your smart blazer, shirt and tie, they will not notice the pants, as those will dress up those pants. You can also dress down those pants with a flannel, which you don’t need at Disney in June!

You will be fine. Enjoy your meal!

BTW - The first time I went to the UK, I didn’t bring enough “smart” clothes and had to go shopping. LOL

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My first time to New York I also had to go shopping but that was because I didn’t expect it to be so warm! Not that the natives thought it was hot but for a British person in March I could not wear jeans one more day


That’s the thing about the NorthEast, you never know what the weather is going to be. It was warmer during our school’s February break, a few 60 - 70 degree days, then it was during our April break. This year’s March was crazy with a ton of snow. Ugh, global warming!

My second trip was at a similar time of year during the polar vortex so I totally get the unpredictability aspect!

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Black shoes and brown pants?

Black shoes with brown pants is fine. Brown shoes with black pants, however, is another story altogether!

ETA: I should add that the belt color should be black as well if wearing black shoes.


I say “nay, nay”. I won’t even wear black shoes with khakis. I also don’t wear white shoes after Labor Day.

Neither do I. Of course, I don’t OWN any white shoes. :wink:


Black shoes go with anything! White shoes should only be seen on brides. White trainers are acceptable year round. Although we don’t have Labor Day anyway, and if we did we’d call it Labour Day.


I took a couple of photos of myself — see if you think the combo works.

profmatt in brown chinos and black shoes


With a blazer and tie, it’ll pass.

But to add to the dress code thing. I love it. I’m ALWAYS overdressed (I’ve been known to fly in heels, and I’m always dressed up for travel, PanAm from the early days style).

We went to Narccoosses two weeks ago. DH wore his suit and I wore a fancy dress with super fancy shoes. (Like SUPER fancy) Every CM in the Grand Floridian was trying to send us to V&A’s! Even the staff at Narccoosses asked if we wanted to go to V&A instead. (We were actually on a waiting list and I turned it down when they called me)

I truly think being dressed for the occasion nets your a different type of service and experience. Our waiter went ABOVE and beyond (in fact, we dressed the same for Yachtsman earlier in the week and received extra sublime service). They brought us champagne, and I realized looking through my receipts to reconcile this week? They didn’t even charge us for our dessert AND we received a discount I don’t remember asking for. (We shared a meal, in fact the tip I left was more than our bill total. Free champagne, I get generous)

Yachtsman? Same thing, free champagne and free desserts.

I don’t like to say attire matters, but I find it REALLY does. I’ve been upgraded on flights, hotels, so many times over the years, and since I was 15-16 I’ve always overdressed for life. Exception, those dark “I have two kids under 4 and NO help” years…luckily there’s not many photos and since I lived away from my family, no one remembers. Lol!

You don’t have to dress up. But magical things happen when you do. I do however break the rules and often wear white shoes after Labor Day. But I’m in Southern California and it’s 80-ish degrees much of the year.

That said? The chinos should be fine, although I do admit I stopped short when I read they were from Orvis. My oldest goes to summercamp (he works there this year), and I bought his “trip” pants there, essentially heavy duty “chino” pants that he wears for 2-3 weeks straight while on a canoe/camping adventure up through Canada. :joy::joy: This is their 3rd summer and those suckers have held up unlike anything I’ve ever seen! I washed them in disinfectant and they still look brand new with the touch of an iron. So that’s a good purchase for pants!


I think you’ll be fine!

Daniel as a young boy? I’m glad you grew into your features.