As I sit here waiting for my DVC purchase to be finalized (ROFR) I am wondering about a few things:

  1. Has any DVC owner or renter has trouble getting availability?
  2. If you are a DVC owner - have you had trouble renting points out?

What has started me thinking about this - I was listening to WDW Today and there was mention of the increased problem of getting request due to the increase of popularity of renting DVC points. Is this for the people that like to book last minute trips? Or am I going to have troubles spending my points?

If you are making reservations at your home resort and you are doing it at the 11 month mark you should not have any problems. Past the 7 month mark when you can book at any resort you may have more of a problem getting exactly what you want.

Renting DVC points has not increased the demand for rooms, as there is a set number of points out there regardless of whether the owner is using them or renting them out.

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