Trouble with TA? Long

I purchased a hotel room at Pop for our family of 4 before the 4th member was born.

After 4th member was born, I logged into MDE and saw that only myself, my husband, and our newborn were shown as having a linked resort reservation.
Strange, considering my newborn wasn’t reported to Disney as being a person yet.

I contacted my TA to see about making sure all 4 of us are linked to MDE. She said that on her end the reservation shows 4: myself, my husband, my son, and baby, and that I need to call MDE help desk.

I called MDE who said the res only shows myself, husband, and son. They changed MDE so that it now shows the 3 of us- husband, son, and I, instead of husband, baby, and I. So now newborn doesn’t show as linked. They said my TA needs to call them to change this.

I contact my TA and tell them what MDE help told me. She emails me back and said, “I have your guest list updated on the reservation. You should be good to go now.”

I log in to MDE the next day, 24 hours later, and newborn still does not show as linked to a reservation.

I contact my TA to tell her this. She responds asking me why I need him linked as he is an infant and doesn’t cost extra and then tells me that she is sure he is on the reservation.

However, my other son is linked, and he, too, is an infant by Disney standards. He will be 2 years old at time if travel, and he is shown as having a linked reservation. Maybe I don’t NEED him to be linked, but if he were then I would know that he is, in fact, on the reservation. Especially considering she told me in our first correspondence that there were 4 of us on the reservation when there were only 3.

I’m questioning if he really is added and feel like I need to call Disney to confirm. Is this a stretch? Should I just take her word for it? I’ve rather lost my confidence in her and am looking for some objective perspectives.
This is a TA with MVT.
Thank you!

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I don’t think it will make any difference if your baby is on the reservation or not. I wouldn’t worry about it.


I honestly wouldn’t worry about it either, but if you do I’d be more apt to blame this on Disney than your travel agent. I have had soooo many problems with them and who shows up where.

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Only thing I can think of is magic bands. Last time I stayed onsite with a kid under 3, they still got a magic band. It wasn’t needed for anything, but they got it. You probably don’t need one for a baby, but when they’re older they might want one.

Not sure if this still applies since it’s been a few years.

That is true, they gave me a magic band for our two year old. One other thought is if they are using DME, does everyone need to be on the reservation?

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They do still give them to infants. I just got them for two infants in my party.

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I struggle with this one since often when you look online the Disney reservations are messed up, and a couple of days later it is fine.

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I forgot to add that my TA also sent a confirmation email from Disney showing who was in the reservation. I knew this was correct even when the Disney website was off. I’d request something like this from your TA if you need assurance. If they can’t send you that then I’d be worried about your TA being dishonest.

Thanks y’all. She did end up sending me a screen shot from Disney of confirmation on her end. She was abrasive in presenting the information, but at least i know that our whole party is indeed on the res.

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