Trouble with Swan/Dolphin dropping reservation info from MDE

Does anyone else have trouble with their reservation info for Swan/Dolphin clearing off their MDE? I added it back several times but just wondering if this is normal. Very annoying

I had this issue with mine last summer. Called Disney IT. They fixed and made a note on my profile. It happened to me within my 60 days and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to cause a problem with my FPPs. That’s why they added the note.

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Yes this happened to me twice. First time was before FPP day, so no big deal and I relinked it. Then it happened again overnight sometime 12/30, we were checking in 12/31. Luckily I check my email daily and had one about FPP being dropped while I was at the parks 12/31. I logged onto MDE and saw the problem, relinked again and it stayed linked. Definitely keep an eye on it and your email when within 60 days. I would have been very upset if their bad IT dropping the reservation would have meant losing all our FPP including FOP and SDD.

Yes this! Email notification is how I realized it. I got a notification that my FPPs would be canceled in 24 hours. So there was time to fix it, but definitely keep an eye on your email.

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