Trouble with room request feature

I’m staying at POFQ in October and I’m trying to use the Room Request Feature on Firefox. I picked a specific hotel room using the Hotel Room View tool, but it never takes me to a screen where I can add my contact info, Disney reservation number, etc.

When I go to my Dashboard (even after selecting the room) it still says:
Disney’s Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter
Requesting Room: (click to find a room)

Any ideas? I’m still 200 days out; could that be the problem?

Also, can anyone explain the white/pink color coding? Are the ones in pink the ones that meet my criteria?

Thank you!

Yes, the ones in pink meet your criteria.
It worked for me, just now. When you click on building in the map, and then on the specific room, it pops up a window with a photo of the view from that room. In the upper right corner of that pop-up window are words that say something about making a request for this room, and it’s an active link. If you click on that, then it links this room to your plan in your dashboard.

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Thank you!!! It worked this time! :smile:

Hello fellow TouringPlans users! Where do I access this feature, I am logged in to TouringPlans but I don’t see where to use the feature.

Thanks in advance,


Hi! You can click here to select your hotel, then it will give you the options to select a room.

I think to use all the tools you should log onto the website: and set up a trip in your dashboard. Once you select your dates/resorts the links will show up. After you select your room return to your dashboard to add your details.

so, do I still do my online check-in like normal when I am 60 days out put in my room requests, even if TP will be sending the fax?

You can do the online check in so that you can get the room text but do not make any room requests since sometimes it confuses the room assigner.

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