Trouble with MDE app after latest Apple update?

My iPhone 7 is no longer loading the MDE app-just a spinning wheel “logging in”. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling, and it will work the first time I open it, but not after. Anyone else encountering this? Or have any ideas how to fix?? Headed for our first trip at the end of the month😬

On my iphone 7 with IOS 12.1.2 it’s working fine. Since you already tried re-installing how about installing another app before reinstalling direct from the app store (not your backup). Please let me know if you need any tests or anything!

I’m sorry-I’m a bit tech clueless. Do you mean install another app and see if it will open?
As far as deleting and reinstalling, all I am doing is deleting it, then going to the App Store and reinstalling it. Should I be doing something different??

Sorry for not seeing this sooner! Yes, I meant installing any other app and see if that’ll give your phone a kick in the hiney to start functioning properly.
Is it working now?

No worries on replying sooner! So I have installed other apps (life 360, etc) and they work fine. Occasionally I can catch the MDE app before it starts the automatic login by clicking on something else on the home screen. Then when I go to profile and login that way, it works🤷‍♀️ But most of the time as soon as I open the app it tries to automatically log me in and i end up in the circle of death. I think I will just have to use the browser version. Thanks so much for trying to help me…