Trouble with Fast Pass Selection

The glitch continues. First day of my real fast pass selection. Trying to reserve FPP and it won’t confirming any of my selections for any time or date. People are getting in because FFP times are disappearing.UGH!

I had a hard time too, but I finally got in and the times were opening up. I had to settle for a 5:00 time on RNR, but was able to modify it to early afternoon. My guess is that they were out of the pool while other people were having troubles too.

I had lots of trouble too. I couldn’t get anything past the “confirm” button for the first hour. I had to switch days because FP that were available for the day I wanted at 7 am were no longer available at 8 am. Blah. I loathe MDE sometimes.

Go back and check and see if what you want is there. I have been modifying all day and availability is continuously changing.