Trouble Logging into Disney

Is anyone else having trouble logging into any of the Disney websites this morning?

I tried to log into Disney Movie Rewards to enter a code, but I couldn’t get in. Since many of the Disney sites are connected, I tried the WDW and DLR sites too, and I couldn’t get into these either.

I called the WDW number to check on this, but there was a wait time of 64 minutes.

Just tried mde app. Normally it just opens for me but have bern asked to log in and just getting a little spinning circle. Looks like systems might be down again so it’s not just you

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Thanks for checking. I hope they have it back up soon.

It’s like electricity. You don’t realize how much you use it until it goes out.

Last night I was trying to log into MDE and got a message that my password was invalid–same password I’ve been using for months (and as recently as two days ago). I called the phone number provided and was directed to change my password. I asked what was going on, but the answer was vague. I was told that recently several other guests had had similar issues.

That was the same issue I was having, and I’ve had the same password for the last year or so.

It looks like they’ve fixed the problem now, though. I was able to log in a couple minutes ago.