Trouble getting onto special events page re Boo event

Is anyone having issues getting onto the special events page on the WDW website? I am just seeing the ‘chasing snake’ - not timing out but was working before 8.00 BST?

Looks like it may just be an issue with Egde

Anyone having difficulty calling Disney? I called the number from the email I received for early tix to Boo Bash, but that seems to be a fax # - LOL
All the other main Disney #'s are coming up busy.

This is the number people are reporting is working: 407-939-5277

But it is currently a 167 minute wait IF you get through.

I called the passholder number, been on hold for 1:05. At least I was able to get thru

how did you find out the hold time? I have been on hold 1h 17m so far but nowhere are they telling me what to expect, just snippets of songs and interstitial announcements about reading the website…

Thanks - I’ll keep trying!

soooo I guess everyone’s hope of “low interest because of the price” is out the window. :rofl: :sob:

I called at exactly 6:59 AM and got in…and then it said “if you’re a DVC member, press 2.” so I did…and it sent me to the closed DVC member services line. Haven’t been able to reconnect since.

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How very helpful of them!

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They’ve been super helpful this whole way. I haven’t gotten an email, there’s been no time where they told people to start calling, they even said it would be able to be done online (I guess they meant for the 6/15 time).

If I hadn’t already changed flight and added the hotel room, I’d already bail. Still might have to if my date is booked up (Which is looking pretty possible now)

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This is exactly what happened to DW. I got thru not long after 7 but they said the tickets were not loaded into their systems.

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Seems like they want you to go, doesn’t it? :wink:

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It’s now a boxing match between my “adult annoyance” to just give up and my “childish stubbornness” to get the ticket. My “adult reasoning” is refereeing the fight, but he’s on a coffee break.

Lotta rabbit punching.


:joy: I’m feeling the same way!


I’m glad we have a week to figure this out! :neutral_face:

I’m glad I wasn’t planning on going but it wouldn’t Disney event without the system overloading! :joy:

I saw a report from somebody who said that when they got through the cast member told them that all the dates weren’t even loaded into the system yet and IT was working on it. So be prepared for that possibility. (I’m sure the issues will be resolved sometime today)

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I know some people were told to “watch the Parks Blog” for more info on when the dates were loaded.

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It was a message “expected wait time” when they connected.

I did eventually get through and get my tickets for Aug 10, no problems. The woman helping me said her 1st call of the day took 90 minutes because nothing was loaded in her system yet so I guess I am lucky that I wasn’t first? Just over 2 hours 20min on hold all in.


I’m glad you finally got tickets! I can’t get past a busy signal to even get on hold.

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