Trouble getting Disney World on-line?

Any body having trouble logging on the the Disney app on your computer. Since the storm I haven’t been able to get into the website.

Yes. Today is my ADR day and I had lots of issues this morning. I got two made, then I just kept getting error messages. I ended up just calling in when the phone lines opened up. She was able to get everything booked for me.

Thanks. Mine is better today.

The site has been very wonky for me all weekend. I did clear my cookies and that seemed to help a little but it’s not just you.

I finally used a computer I had not used previously to connect and it was fine…I’m sure a tech person would have an explanation but I have none!

I was having trouble today and had to use an incognito window through Chrome. It worked just fine then.

The connection was horrible for me this morning. At first I thought it was my computer/internet, but that wasn’t the case…it was definitely the site. It took me three times as long to book my fast passes than last time. =(