Trouble deciding on ticket and arrival day option

Alright - going for a short solo trip April 6-9. Plan was to do a three day ticket. I’ll be driving in on Sunday - arriving around 4.

I will definitely do MK, DHS, and EP on my three park days.

I’m now considering a couple different scenarios for arrival day.

  1. No park. Dinner at Wave and hopefully a cocktail and maybe dessert at the CG lounge so I can watch fireworks.

  2. Do the four park magic ticket and enjoy AK in the evening with Nomad and Pandora. This ticket is only about $20 more than the 3 day ticket. My only concern is being locked into one day at DHS (since ticket is one park per day and no doubling up on parks) should things go awry with SWGE or MMRR.

  3. Do DAH at MK that evening. I’ve never done an after hours event before. This is the most expensive option, but I did get a $100 disney gift card for Christmas so could use it in this irresponsible way instead of using it in a responsible cut existing costs way. This could also open up a day if I ended up wanting a second day at DHS instead of an MK day…

If SWGE is a priority for you, I wouldn’t do number 2. If you’re not as worried about it or will be returning again soon, number 2 is the most appealing option to me. $20 seems like a no brainer.