Trouble creating personalized plans

does anyone else have trouble with creating a personalized plan? It doesn’t take into consideration my preferred meal/ break times. it just throws them in at random places, i.e. I put that I want to do dinner at 4 and it scheduled it at 6:50. Also, It doesn’t take into consideration the 1 fastpass at a time limit. it had me going to a second kiosk in under 2 hours and before the first fastpass usage window started.

I have found that when I first hit Optimize sometimes it will throw my meals/breaks around but once I edit them back to their normal times, and then re-do the Optimize it will stabilize them and keep them as they are input.

What I have started doing that helps avoid that mess is I input only my attractions and shows, skipping over any meals/breaks, then proceed to Optimize. Once it’s optimized once, I go back in and use the Add Break or Add Meal buttons at the end of the plan to then add my meals/breaks. Then I Optimize again. Usually when I do it this way, it doesn’t cause any random throwing of break/meal times.

Edited to add: As a best practice, you should Optimize 2-3 times and/or until you notice that the plan is spitting back the same plan in the same order. Because the optimizer is capped with a time limit of finding the best plan, a lot of times that initial optimize isn’t really the best plan (although when I read the fine print of it how it works, it is within 12-15 min of the most ideal plan, just allowing the optimizer to search for the one perfect ideal plan takes hours, so they cap it at a few minutes of optimizing). Running the optimizer multiple times allows it a few runs of finding that best, ideal plan.

As for the FP, if a Buzz FP is one of the kiosks you suspect are not following rules, that’s correct because Buzz is disconnected from any other FPs. So it’s an exception to the normal FP rules & you don’t have to wait for any 2 hours or FP useage windows to open in order to pull a Buzz FP. The only other disconnected FP is World of Color in DCA so if you’re seeing any other FP than Buzz in the situation you’ve explained, then there’s a glitch somewhere.

For any glitch, email with a link to your plan and if you are getting any specific error include those details as well. They are great at responding back and can help you look at anything unusual on any touring plan!

If you have any other questions, please ask away! I love doing personalized touring plans and love to help anyone who has questions!