Trouble adding attractions to a touring plan

After making some touring plans and playing with FPP, etc. I decided to add another attraction or two to some. This worked fine unless the attraction allows for a child swap. When the child swap Yes/No choice pops up the Save button disappears so I can’t add the attraction. Any idea what’s going on?

Other than that this is working really well. I made FPP reservations tonight and have been fine tuning them as I update touring plans.

Are you using the app or the web interface? BTW, the web interface is better for planning, as it is easier to use and has greater functionality.

Hmmm…can you scroll down to see the “save” button?

I’m using the web interface. I see the entire white pop up window when I click on “add attraction/” Then I choose a child swap attraction (in this case Big Thunder) and the child swap yes/no choice pops up and the save disappears. I still see the entire window just no save button.

This has happened on several touring plans. One time I just started over with a whole new plan to get around it. It might be harder to explain what I did the other time. Basically I clicked under the window where the button might have been - the cursor changed to a hand like it does when hovering over a normal save. It worked sometimes when I somehow clicked several times quickly. I can’t make it work now though.

Leave it to me to find something no one else has.

Did you ever resolve this? As it’s happening to me! No save button when trying to add the speedway attraction.

Is it possible to “scroll down” the white pop-up window? The save button is probably there. It’s bad UI on our part. I’ll see if we can fix this.

You’re right! If I’m hovered over the white box and scroll down within the box, the save button is there! Thanks!