Tron/Guardians’ impact on crowds in general?

When Guardians and/or Tron opens… how do you think it will impact crowds and lines elsewhere in that park as well as other parks? I wonder if one, maybe both (??) will be open by my late July trip. My kids likely won’t have interest in either so I’m not concerned about the lines for the actual attraction…. But I wonder if it’ll make non-Guardian/Tron fans’ day easier or more hectic?

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It is rumored (partially by an unintentional post by an executive at Disney) that GotG will be opening Memorial Day weekend. Tron is likely to open in the fall at the earliest or possibly in 2023.

New rides of this caliber typically increase the overall crowd level at the parks for a period of time. That can mean increased waits everywhere, not just at the new attraction or the park where it is located. Though certainly then biggest impact will be there.

Once the novelty factor wears off, new rides continue to be a draw within the parks, but don’t impact the overall crowd level as much. So in Epcot, you might expect lines for Remy, FEA, and TT to be slightly lower long term. Although that’s debatable because maybe GotG will make Epcot more of a destination than it was previously. So maybe it will just help even out crowds among the four parks better.

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I’m guessing they will use BGs for those rides too which will eliminate extra-long lines near those new attractions.