Tron during MVMCP

I know there is 1 VR per person for Tron during party hours. What have wait times been like during MNSSHP party time? Still potentially 45 minutes? Or does it go quicker since the numbers are lower?
Also, what is your opinion……is it worth it to ride twice, day and night?

Friday night it was an hour around 9:15pm which was far too long for my preference for a hard-ticketed event. Your threshold may be greater.

If there is a way to make that happen, absolutely without question.

I got a VQ right at 6pm and my group was called by 7:15pm. I was in & out within 20 minutes…

I went on a Wednesday night in Sept.

We will be in AK for the morning, then hop over at 2 and just hang around until party time. So, we had considered buying the ILL and then we were in heavy debate for the VQ during party hours.

We will be there the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. So, maybe the big family crowds will be gone and being a Tuesday will help some, but still expecting a decent crowd.

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BTW - I did ride it twice. I got an ILL that was at 5:30pm…

I’m glad I did it twice. The ILL queue had all the effects turned on / preshow as there was only 4 - 5 people in that queue. I wouldn’t have seen the neat effects in the VQ. They just had all the doors open & people walking through as it was a non-stop queue…

I’ll be down there a couple days later than you for the party on Dec. 1…

I’m not planning on doing Tron again. It was great, but the headaches of getting the ILL / VQ and then having to get over there & etc… used a lot of my time at MNSSHP. (I did get to do almost everything in Tomorrowland by waiting over there, so that was a bonus!)

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I think I’ll be ready to get an immediate VQ and hope it’s called shortly after the party starts so we can knock it out. I won’t wait if it’s a long queue. I have rode it enough times that I’m fine with skipping if it will take too long.

I have Candlelight Processional before my party, so as it is we won’t arrive until just after 7.

We may do the same. Go ahead and get an VQ and then if it is too long, skip, since we will be buying the ILL for a time before actual party hours.

I would just buy it

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I think that’s what we will do!


I’d buy it too, just for the planning aspect. Knowing when you are going to be admitted is helpful, even if unsure of the exit time… I’d wager 30 minutes…


I might have to skip Tron because I’ll be too busy figuring out what food to eat :rofl:

FOOD!! Yes! We want alllll the food, too!

Have people been able to buy an ILL before the party starts if they only have a party ticket?

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Yes! I got one for both Tron and 7DMT for MNSSHP Sunday. We did them both b/w 4-5pm.

BTW I did set my alarm for 6:58am, woke up and purchased them selecting Tron first for 4pm and then 7DMT for 4:20PM right after (I wanted 4:30pm but it was gone by the time I purchased Tron). We left for MK from Grand Flo at 2:45pm via monorail and arrived at the entrance about 3pm and were about 5-6 parties back for checkin. By 3:15pm I couldn’t see the back of the line. They let us in about 10 minutes early. We got our wristbands and then our candy bags, water from standing in the heat and then straight to Tron pretty close to that 4pm time (like 4:05-4:10pm maybe). And that 4:20 was just good when we got off for 7DMT. I’m glad we did that cuz even during the party 7DMT was posting at 55min. We used party time to ride Space mountain (33 min wait/posted 40 minutes about 6:20-6:30pm) which was our longest wait.

DH wanted to ride Tron again so I secured a VQ for it but it was while we were in line for Space Mountain so we got group 192. They called it at 11pm. We chose to watch the 11:15pm parade and 12am stage show so we didn’t ride it a 2nd time.


Thank you! This is the kind of info I need! We don’t have day tickets, but I was really hopping to grab those ILLs to get those done before the party starts.

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