Tron 7 am VQ with magic ticket (ie no park reservation)

Has anyone tried this yet? I’m going in a few weeks with a friend that will be using the 4 parks magic ticket, which doesn’t require or allow park reservations. I’m trying to figure out if she’ll be able to get a VQ for Tron at 7 am or if she’ll have to wait until 1 pm.
And yes, so far I’ve been too lazy to get up at 6 am my time to try on a different day to see if it would work LOL.

You can book at 7am with these tickets.

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How about with party tickets? (MNSSHP)

I’ve tried with the 4 parks magic ticket from home and it works! I’m in Europe so it’s lunch time for me and I have had time to try a few times.

Worst case if there is a bug the day of, you can confirm the party up to one hour before the VQ so if there is an issue you can try to fix it before then…


There is supposed to be a 6pm queue specifically for party tickets. I suppose if the queue happened to still be open at 4 pm when you got in with a party ticket you could always see if you could get in it twice. I’m doubtful it would still be open though since it will be a shorter normal park hour day.

I’m gonna give it a try. I’m also gonna see if I can buy an ILL.

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Please report back here… when is your party date? I’m curious about the same thing - if we can buy an ILL at 7 am with just a party ticket (no reservation)…


I’m pretty certain you can. My date is not till 10/29 so you’re probably going before me unless you’re going for Christmas Party.

In that case I’ll let you know! I’m 9/19. I have backup plans if not…


It has been confirmed that you can book LLs, ILLS and VQs with the special 4 parks tickets.