TriSec back in the race!

Hi all!

I’m sorry I let my membership lapse. Nearly a year ago, I was planning my first solo trip to the World, when Papa TriSec got sick. He’s had multiple surgeries since then, but is now in fine health and is even back playing music again. (Melrose Symphony, Massachusetts). In any case - I’m back tinkering with touring plans for a trip I hope to make in February. It’s just me and some Jedi. I’ll have an afternoon at Galaxy’s Edge, then a full day in The Magic Kingdom. It’s my first Solo experience (no pun intended), so checking once again for any tips or tricks for this LDR. (Lone Disney Ranger).


Welcome back! Are you traveling during a school vacation week?

Have a great time! And always remember: there’s no substitute for a good blaster by your side!

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