Tripod and backpack

Good day,
I know that the Disney World park rules are that a tripod is OK to bring in, but it has to fit inside a standard backpack. The question I have that I cannot find an answer to is this:

Do I HAVE to carry the tripod into the park inside the backpack, or can I hand carry the tripod into the park? I would hate to have to carry around a backpack just for the purpose of proving that it can fit inside one. The tripod that I am bringing is a SIRUI T-1205X 5-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod. Any insight?

Thank you!

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I would email wdw direct and then keep a copy of their reply incase challenged by security. Im sure you can carry it but they charge rules all the time

I would also definitely call, but here’s the thinking… Selfie sticks are prohibited because of their length and therefore can hurt more people in a diameter of the person using it than a short tripod could if the person is careless. The principle is size. I really don’t think they will prohibit you from hand carrying in a 12 inch non extendable tripod, but you most definitely have an extendable tripod confiscated.

You are permitted to bring extendable tripods into the parks, they are not confiscated. As long as when folded, it fits in a backpack, they’re fine.

Nothing to add regarding the rules that hasn’t already been said @dalyfamily3 but I wanted to point out that most rides will be a bit more of a hassle having a tripod around. Big thunder mountain and Space mountain come instantly to mind. The bags provided for storing items are simply square meshes barely bigger than a large ziploc. I may be blaspheming in the photographer’s world but… would you reconsider taking it along?

Thank you for the feedback everyone, it is greatly appreciated.