Triple occupancy king rooms @ POR

I booked a King room at POR because it’s the only place that offers a king bed and a murphy bed. We’re 2 adults and a 7 yr old. She had a murphy bed at Wilderness Lodge on our last visit and loved it.

When I use the room finder to select a room there is only one King with a Murphy bed in the the entire resort. I have a hard time believing that is the case. Does anyone know if there are more? Is the room finder accurate?

With POR, it’s split into Magnolia Bend and Alligator Bayou. All Alligator Bayou rooms have the Murphy beds, but there are no Murphys in Magnolia Bend. There are more King beds on property, but the majority of the rest are located in Magnolia Bend.

There are 3 more of them in Alligator Bayou, but they are considered “Preferred” category of rooms and will therefore cost more. They’re located in buildings 14 and 15 and can be found by selecting “Preferred - King”

Thanks for the information @mALYficent. Since all the rooms in Alligator Bayou have the murphy beds, I’ll look at all the other king rooms also.

We are a family of 3, and prefer a king bed. We just booked a “king” category on the website after inputting the number of persons in our room. We ended up in Alligator Bayou. I have no idea how many rooms there are like this, but I’m sure we weren’t in the only one! However, if you need this specific room setup, you should probably give up on the idea of the TP room finder. You kinda have to take what you get with this. But if you’re allowed to book a king room with 3 occupants, it will be one of these AB rooms with the Murphy bed.


I specifically booked the king category because of the triple occupancy. The preferred category doesn’t seem to offer king beds, just queens. The TP room finder is a great idea in theory but it gets frustrating when the room types in the room finder don’t match the categories offered by Disney.

Now that TP is offering the automated room request, it becomes even more important to me that I’m requesting the right room for my family. I don’t want to request something I’m not entitled to, but I don’t want to limit my choices to only a portion of what is available just because I was misinformed.

Which room were you assigned? Did you like it? What was the walk like? I think the furthest buildings from the main building are about a 1/3 of a mile away. Does that seem reasonable?


I was in one of the “worst” buildings, in the sense that it was the furthest from the lobby buildings. However, it was very close to a bus stop. For us, we arrived from plane and checked a bag with bell services, then immediately hopped onto a bus to a park. At the end of the day, we were able to skip check in and just got off the bus at our stop.

We stayed 4 nights and never went to the lobby or main buildings! We were rope-droppers, and would have a granola bar or snack food for breakfast, hit the bus to a park, maybe come back mid-day for a break, then do evenings in a park and come back to pass out in the room. We had no interest in eating at the hotel, it just didn’t fit our touring plans.

I think the walk to the main pool was reasonable. We did hit the pool several times.

I did not use the TP room finder. I did online check in and requested an outside corner room, and got that. Not sure how many options there are for these rooms.