Triple magic bands

Technically I have three ressies for our April trip. I just noticed that I have three sets of magic bands too! How do I just get /use the first set? Also my first set includes two “extra” days after the first ressie’s checkout date. I will still be able to use it to get into the parks right?

When you log onto MDE and go to customize your bands you have the option to refuse. Do you have other bands at home? I ask because I lost a band on Buzz last April that could not be retrieved. The only reason I did not miss my Wishes FP is because I had a back up in my bag. I sat on a bench, reported the first band as lost, checked that my back up was active and then walked to Wishes. All your active bands are linked to your MDE account so tickets and FPs are accessible regardless of how many days you are at a resort.

These are our first magic bands ever. Backup bands it is! I never would’ve thought of that. I just didn’t want to be wasteful. I will get two and refuse the third. (Watch now I’ll be the one to lose my band instead of the kids)


We had a couple of different reservations and the CM told us to just go ahead and order different colors. That way you can match what you wear. I did customize one in my husband’s name and then his other one in his grandfather nickname just so the parking attendant could call him G-Daddy.

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