Trip with Friends

This may be a super basic question. I have always just gone with my family of 4, sometimes with a grandparent, so maximum 5 people. Two of my friends and their families want to join my family, and plan a trip for late 2019. I told them we will go the DVC route. My question is: is it easy to all be on one Disney experience account? I feel like I will be in charge of making their FPP and ADRs, so is it better to be linked or have same account? Ive never done it for such a big group and i’m nervous. Any tips would be appreciated. It will be around 12 -14 people.

Personally, I would go the route of having all of the responsible types having their own MDE account, which grant you permission to make changes.

It’s entirely up to you, naturally, but if the group splits up and part of the group wants to hunt around for FPs or other ADRs, they would have access without asking you while you’re all separated.


True, I never thought about this aspect. thanks!

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Agreed! Would you trust them not to inadvertently delete those FoP FPs just because one of them didn’t want to ride?

But then, when we went for the first time after FP+ I created accounts for each of us, even the 16 year old. Easy to manage everyone, but allows each of us to make our own plans if we want to.

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We have travelled several times with a party of 19 and haven’t ever experienced any difficulties having our accounts linked in MDE. The rule for us has been that you book your own ADRs and FP+ unless we make plans in advance for one of us to take it all. It is nice once we get onsite to see everyone’s pictures, especially as we are often spread out doing our own thing rather than all together.

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We all have young kids, so I guess the hopes of having somewhat close FPP windows is so that maybe all the couples can kind of take turns riding, while some stay back to watch the kids. I’m beginning to think this is too optimistic of a plan lol.

Having each family have their own account doesn’t stop you making joint plans for some days.

But I strongly suggest that you decide how you’ll split the time. Have a plan that has you all together from say 9 until lunch time. Then have some time just for your individual families. Maybe meet up again in the evening.

You could then have one person (you) book FPs for everyone for the agreed rides. But each family can then book their own ADRs and any other parts that only they are doing. Share MM between all of you -one family buys it, everyone chips in part of the cost.

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awesome plan, thank you!!