Trip Winks

We all (right?) have stuff we collect and intentionally make use of or display that remind us of our past visits to WDW.

But what about when something unexpected “winks” at you from a past trip?

For example, this morning I was looking for something in my wallet and this receipt popped out and landed on the floor. It is from my most recent trip to WDW, at the very end, when I absolutely had to have chocolate ice cream and nothing else - in all of DS - would do. I saw the receipt and was instantly transported back to that moment in time and it made me feel warm and fuzzy and brought a smile to my face.

Have you had a Trip Wink? Share your wink experiences! I’m looking for other things to make me feel warm (and fuzzy) on this cold wintery day!


I keep the kids past key cards in my wallet, the part I never use and just have to clean out every once in a while. I love seeing them and it reminds me of the special moments on our trips over the years. I put my all time favorite trip pic (non-Disney, 4 and 6 yrs old) in books as my page marker (yes I still enjoy a good paper book every now and then). I have randomly found receipts when cleaning out backpacks and suit cases. Makes me smile and think back when I do.


Oh yeah random receipts pop up from time to time, but I’d say more frequently I’ll pull a random Disney bag from my bag of recycled bags (everyone has those right?).


And I just went to look for them and realized I did not put them in my new wallet :pleading_face: will rectify this mistake when I get home.


Yes! I actually use my Disney bags to hold other bags that I use. I try not to use the Disney ones but have from time to time.


I was recently cleaning out our older son’s dresser (he no longer lives at home) and came across his Mickey pen that he used many many years ago -must have been 2008?- for character signatures on a trip with my parents!


The name of my town is Fountain Inn! I had to do a double take. :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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I JUST threw out an old Fast Pass I had to BLSRS a few months ago. It was in my “winter purse” and I kept it so I’d get that happyfeeling each year as I swapped over.


See and I wouldn’t have thrown it out. So that every year it would come back to me again and again!

I had a thing in one of my jacket pockets for YEARS (not WDW related) and every time I put that coat on and felt that object there I would think to myself what a great day that had been. I was really sad when the object was eventually lost.

I like winks :woman_shrugging:


This is a new expression to me. I like this thread.

Your OP gave me a sense of deja vu, so I’m sure I’ve had a trip wink (careful AC!), but I can’t quite recall what it was.


I can’t take any credit for the expression as I re-imagined it from this:

I don’t believe in coincidence, FWIW


I have a beaten-up Animal Kingdom map in the pocket of my rain coat that I find occasionally - I’ll put on my raincoat, think “What’s this?” and pull it out and I’m instantly transported back to my then-3 year old stomping his rainboots happily through puddles with the AK music going.


This exactly! Love it!


ALL of these - receipts, key cards, bags!

And magic bands which appear to be scattered all over the house.

One special wink is my little origami crane from Tokyo Dining. If you asked me where it was, I’d know right off. But day to day, it drops off the radar. I can still be joyfully surprised when it catches my eye. :blush:

“You might be a hoarder if . . .”


right?! How??? LOL


And then when you ask a kid if they know where their magic bands are, “I dunno . . .”

This is especially true the closer to departure time you recall that magic bands exist.


Hope this counts.
This popped in in DW’s FB memories the first week in December. (6 years since our last/only trip)


Of course that counts! Love it!!!

I only ever got there once before it was discontinued :frowning:


We were lucky to be there for the last year!

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Were we there on the same day???

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