Trip tips!

Alright DH and I are having a hard time agreeing on a summer vacation. One destination we can agree on is Disney?! Never thought I would say that considering he was a very reluctant Disney goer a couple summers ago.

Anyway, talk to me about doing a week trip where parks are less of the focus. We’ll still go (of course!) but maybe do only 4 park days across a week trip and perhaps not do rope drop to close each time (which is my usually mode of operation).

That’s what we do. We go for a week but only do each park for 1 day. We also take long afternoon breaks. We still get in what we want to do in each park but have resort days/time to enjoy and relax and don’t leave the vacation feeling exhausted. I schedule most of our TS meals on the non-park days so we can enjoy them, take our time and not lose park time. It is a blast. We stay at a nicer resort because we actually intend to use and enjoy it.


Maybe stay club level. You’d be around to enjoy all the perks.

I think they have some good discounts through June, at least.

We’re staying at BW in late May, when I saw the latest crowd updates I thought forget that!- we’re going to hang out at the resort on those days, maybe venture out with a DAH but otherwise, I’m not voluntarily doing a CL 10 day.

The Boardwalk has Surrey bike rentals, Jellyrolls piano bar, Atlantic Dance Hall and ESPN Club.

I think another one that would be fun to stay in all day would be AKL.

And just like that we booked the dolphin. DH has marriott rewards, and I’m excited to a boatride away from EP :slight_smile:

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Oh, nice! We have a split stay at a DS Hilton and the BWI, I was really tempted to do the Dolphin as the leading reservation because of those rewards points, but the rooms just didn’t work for the size of our group. Have great time! I love the boats, even if walking is faster.

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