Trip Timing Recommendations

Hello all,

I am having trouble deciding when to go to WDW with the kids. They have a week off in mid October and a week off in mid March. I am a little hesitant to visit this fall because of COVID, but am still considering it. Does anybody have any thoughts as to what time of year will better? It seems to be pretty empty right now, but that may change with the 50th anniversary? Also, is it too late to make dining reservations for October? And, are a lot of people like me going to push off until March, making it crazy busy? Any thoughts and help would be much appreciated, thank you!!

I would choose March to give you more time to plan and figure out how Genie+ figures into the equation. Plus better hotel and dining availability then too.


Welcome to the forum! I am concerned that you will not have many options for October.

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The unknowns are, how many Genie + will they sell, and how many Lightning will they sell?

The lesser factors are, when will the 50th surge subside, and will there be a “post” covid resurge.

March gives you more time for these answers to solidify. I’m currently set for June.

Normally I would say October, but this year is a special case. March would be preferable from a planning standpoint

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I have a trip in February planned. I am resigned to it being crowded. I know Feb is usually awesome and that is why I’d originally picked that Jan/Feb 2021 when I was picking pre-lockdown. I think Disney is empty now because many that would have been there now decided to hold off until October. Then when the borders open I see a large number of people. It will probably last awhile because after people postpone a trip 3X thinking, “Surely, I’ll be able to go this next trip”, they stop planning and wait for the border to open.
The other problem with March is that is Spring Break time.


I’m thinking there’s no Expedition Everest next March - it’s still in rehab. How tall are your kids?

Also, never put off till tomorrow what can be done today.

Or is that the other way around? :thinking:

Anyway, it can be fun whenever you go. There is so much to do even now at WDW that it can’t all be done in a week.

I vote go sooner. I don’t think anyone ever said gee I wish we’d waited longer.

My touring tip is a lot like the packing tip of lay out what you want to bring and then put at least a quarter of it away.

Figure out what you think you want to do and then take some off the list. There really is a lot to see and do and some of it is spur of the moment surprises. Especially with kids.

Us too!!!

Welcome!!! I would think that mid-march will give you more planning options and more choice in general. A spontaneous last minute trip can be a lot of fun, however I probably wouldn’t suggest it for a first-time trip, IF this is a first-time trip. If you have been before and know what you want and how to get it, then winging it* can be fun.

I have no idea how crowds will be either time due to a)Covid; b)the 50th; and c) not being able to see the future…

*Winging it doesn’t actually mean winging it… it just means planning on short notice!

It’s interesting, I’m pondering dates in early October, early November and early December. I’m seeing no resort availability at all for the November and December dates at this time, but plenty available in early and mid October. I wonder if that is because of Covid numbers, or because people like me who book multiple options have narrowed down for October by now? Or maybe people are avoiding October because of expected crazy crowds?

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Expedition Everest is to be closed from January to April 2022.