Trip Scheduling Question - Spring Break or Summer?

We are unexpectedly finding ourselves in the position of being able to take another trip to Disney. My college aged kids are still local, so we want to take advantage of that and travel together while we can.
As a two teacher family, we’ve always gone in the summer. But we could go on Spring Break instead. The problem with that is it would have to be a shorter trip. We would only have a few personal days to use around our kids’ college spring break. Would it be worth the shorter trip (probably 4 days) to go when it’s not so hot? Are the crowds much larger than summer? Will I be cold? :joy: I was cold last March when I went to visit my inlaws in Florida!

I think we have been 7 times in the summer and had great trips, so I’m thinking of just staying with what we know. But I’m curious if people like the March time a lot better. I would think you wouldn’t need to take such a long afternoon break like we do in the summer.

I have a feeling that I know what most people are going to say!

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These are both tough times

Spring break crowds can be massive and short trips are sad but the weather is nicer.
Summer is :hot_face: but longer trips are the best.

I am no help. I don’t know.

Wait. What part of the country are you from?


I know! Both times are not ideal. But honestly, I probably have my answer. Because we have had amazing trips in the summer. Even with the heat. I think I would rather be hot and have a longer trip with less people. So spring break is more crowded?

We are an hour north of Pittsburgh.


Then that seals it

Shorter trip in March is still threatened by winter weather. And that makes a short trip shorter and then do you even bother?

Summer it is!


I think you’re right! And no sub plans to deal with.


I much prefer March weather to summer weather, BUT a 4 day trip is just too short in my opinion. Go with summer for more days.


If she’s saying this you KNOW it’s the better option!


If you can handle the heat, then a longer trip in summer wins every time. I cannot handle the summer heat, we went early June once and my family had a great time but I was miserable (like dizzy, faint, cranky miserable) in the heat. I’ll take crowds in spring every time but a short trip might be the deal breaker.

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