Trip review 11/1-11/6

Just returned! :(. Already wishing for another trip. But it won’t be for a few years. I always enjoyed reading your trip reviews, so I think I will right a short one with some highlights and thoughts…

It was me DH DD5 and DD1.8. We stayed Poly club level.

First the hotel-- club level Poly. The Poly is a beautiful resorts with wonderful beds. I wish I had that mattress! The pool we only got to one day but we loved it. The little kid water slides were a hit for dd5. We ate at Captain Cookes first night and we were not a fan. I’ve read so many great things but the few things I tried, I had a hard time eating.

Would I do club again? Probably (?) not. I think I would put the money towards a room with a theme park view so we could watch fireworks from the room because DD5 loved seeing them every night. I did enjoy having wine or punch whenever I wanted and the staff was great! They had a tv so kids could watch and DH and I could talk.

Weather was Ok our trip. We got soaked at AK on Saturday and again on Sunday. When it rains in FL man it rains!

Next I’ll write about our park days :slight_smile:


Friday the plan was MK with BOG lunch. Then we would go to Animal Kingdom. This is where we got soaked! It started pouring while we were on safari— really added to the effects.

MK was great DD loved meeting the princesses. Lunch at BOG was great. Food was good and a great place to sit. We RD and used the plan. My DH was amazed how much we could do that first hour before the masses arrived. DD1.8 fell asleep on it’s a small world-- a much needed nap! While she was asleep we popped into Philharmagic— not on plan but we loved it!

We took the boat back and then after an hour break Minnie van to AK. We rode Navi-- cool ride! Then safari and characters outpost. Too quick if a trip to AK but the rain was miserable and cold so it was time to get the kids out of it! So we Minnie van back to Poly.


Saturday was a big day BBB for DD 5! Which we told her about Friday. We brought her belle dress from home and when it was all done she felt like a princess. So much love to all of the people in the park saying hi Belle to her. She’s not one for attention but I could tell she felt special. We also ate at CRT which was great.

We rode some rides including mine train. I guess I’m a wuss because I was terrified!

Saturday afternoon we headed to HS to use out CL fastpasses at to story land. Again we only did muppet show then alien saucers and Itsmm. I thought these were great rides. We had a fast pass for slinky dog. Dd5 was unsure and we had and hour before outr time so ended leaving early. Our kids were done.

Now Sunday we get smart and throw plans to the wind and stop hopping.


Sunday we go to epcot. Had garden grill reservationbut dd5 got sick night. Efirebso we cancelled. Also had Ohana that I cancelled for that day. We needed to take a breath and slow it down.

Ok Epcot. Loved the frozen ride abd the meet and greet. We rode the major little kid friendly rides. Turtle talk and figment was a hit. So come noon. Race is done our plan is world showcase. To get lunch. It was packed! Dd1.8 meltdown central abdeveryone was so hot. Went to France based on liners recs got ice cream abd sandwiches. Both amazing but didn’t solve the meltdown so we kept going and dd1.8 eventually fell asleep. Allowing us to go into Mexico.

I would not go back during food and wine. We really couldn’t move edo with the double stroller and large groups cutting in between us. As we were leaving it poured!! We got soaked again! Nope cho or raincoat could keep us dry. The rain was amazing in FL.

By dinner time we were ready for food. Scored a chef mickeys. Easy by monorail and I knew the kids would like. And it was just what we needed. I loved seeing the contemporary. I would love it stay there!

Overall we felt our kids liked MK better. Epcot felt big and hot when we went. Maybe next time with less crowds will be better.


Monday was our last park day. Plan was MK with crystal palace late breakfast. It was supposed to be a do whatever we want again and hit stuff we missed. Enchanted takes with. BElle was amazing! Pirates of the Caribbean was great dd5 not a fan. I didn’t remember that drop! But dd1.8 fell asleep on oirates. Perfect! So we ended up leaving around 2 and heading to the pool. I wish we could of done pool daily. The smiles on everyone’s face was awesome.

Final thoughts -
I would got for 7 days and do park Morning and pool afternoonnext time.
I wouldn’t get hoppers.
We found it frustrating how we couldn’t really get reservations and even more frustrating that at our own hotel couldn’t get in.
Club concierge really has no pull in getting you in. So felt wasn’t worth the value.

We had an awesome time prob so t return for 2-3 years.

Thanks for everyone’s help. It’s been fun!


Yes, its very odd that you can’t get reservations at the hotel you are staying at. They should give priority to guests of the hotel.

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My thought is for future trips to over book ADRs so there could be a planB. Also if we stayed near an epcot resort that would open up options for dining.

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We always make an ADR for lunch. It is such a great break from crowds, and half the time the kids were too tired to want a big evening meal anyway. So nice to know there is a reserved, air conditioned spot waiting for us, just when the crowds & heat are at their worst!

Usually we can recharge our batteries a bit, tour a few shows, etc. afterwards then head back to the resort for pool/nap time.