Trip reports or blogs from those who attempted an Ultimate Touring Plan?

I’m interested in trying to complete an Ultimate Touring plan at one of the parks on a future solo trip. Just wondering if there was a nice write up anyone had ever done on their experience attempting to complete an Ultimate Touring Plan.

Perhaps tips on how to prepare, etc?

I attempted MK 2 weeks ago today with DH. We got 46 of 53 attractions. I recommend:
*print out a paper copy of your TP and also screenshot the app. I used a heavier stock of paper and also kept it in a ziplock bag in case of rain.
*Arrive early. Check the times guide for what closes early. If you miss certain things (like Flag retreat) you are done for the day.
*We got MS vehicles in, but we noticed a lot of honorable mentions on the website missed it. Do it early, they are usually done by 11am.
*Bring water and snacks.
*Good times to eat: while watching parades and FW, DAwM, Pirate tutorial.
*Designate a day early in your trip for the ultimate plan; you don’t want to be exhausted. But be willing to change things around if the weather is forecasted to be bad.
*Don’t do it the first day of your trip- you’ll want to go to MK in advance to get set up for SotMK. That takes some time.
*Bring quarters for the shooting gallery so you don’t need to make change while there.
*Bring backup camera batteries, a portable phone charger, and make sure you have room for pics.
*The TP website has photo galleries of completers. Look at those for ideas for the hard pic attractions like HM and SM.