Trip report!

Trip report from a long time lurker, thanks for all of the great tips over the past several months of planning! Hoping to share a little experience back with the group!

The crew - me, DH, DD13, DS11, Dsis. 5day trip, our 4th to WDW. Staying at CBR in a 2 queen, pull down kid bed room. Used TP room request and got connecting rooms with Dsis, didn’t get any of the other requested items (building or floor #) but they obviously read the request since we’re in connected rooms and TP request is the only place we asked to be nearby each other. That was the most important part of our request, so no complaints here. Room is good, but would be tight with 2 tweens if we were hanging out in here. But, we’re either at the park, pool, or sleeping, so no problem!

HS opened at 8:00 today, as did the Skyliner. Come on Disney, why can’t you open it at least 30 min before park open ???!!! So, we took the bus instead, missed the 7:10 and 7:15 and then no HS buses. Grrrr! I shared our plight with bus drivers headed to other parks, they contacted dispatch. I also called the front desk and politely shared our problem. Finally, bus arrived at 7:50ish just as we were about to walk to the Skyliner. We were the only ones on that bus so I think one of my attempts for help may have worked.

Tapped into HS at 8:02 and got BBG 113. DSis insisted on bringing a bag so we ditched her, I’ve got 3 SW nerds so you gotta do what you gotta do. She got herself BBG 117, we decided not to worry about it since the group numbers overlap a bit when you’re called to ride.

Split up and the boys did RNR and the girls ST and ASS. We met up for TSM FP - I beat DH ;), then tapped to clear our LM FP, rode SDD with FP, ST again but with FP, lunch at SciFi, and finally ToT FP. We were in the park from 8-12:30 this morning.

We did score some bonus FP which really helped, even on the low crowd day. The bonus FP came from the hotel manager, he got in touch with me to follow up on my morning call about the lack of buses. He was very kind, even offered to text with me as I was in a line and couldn’t hear him well. I happened to see him later working around the resort with a garbage grabber - talk about a great manager, no job too small!

We spent the afternoon napping, swimming, and speculating as to whether or not our BBG would get called. Thanks to the TP ROTR data table, I felt pretty confident that we would get called. We have PH and it’s the 1st day of our trip, so we also weren’t going to sweat it if we didn’t!

BG were moving along well and MF lines were short, so we decided to head back to HS around 4:30. Skyliner is super quick and easy when it’s open. BTW - I have a moderate fear of heights and was fine on Skyliner.

We rode MF with about 25 min wait at 5:00. DH and I enjoyed beers while waiting in line, we were told that it’s no problem, just to finish before we saw “the boss”. Kids had lots of fun with the Disney play app in Galaxy’s edge both in lines and walking around the land. Our BBG (113) was called about 5:45 with a 1 hour return window. We waited to queue up until about 6:00 when DSis BBG was called so that we could all ride together. ROTR was great, took a little over an hour including wait and ride time. GE CMs were awesome in character, DD13 was a little sassy and they gave it right back to her!

Mobile ordered dinner from Woody’s lunchbox as we left ROTR. Food was ok. My crew was done so we punted on the plans to Skyliner to Epcot for EMH. Skylinered back to resort instead for bed. We didn’t arrive in FL until late last night and everyone did school/work yesterday so I was very pleased with our day. Sassy tweens have a lot in common with toddlers and keeping spirits high is important to me so I’m trying to head off the crankies by eating before the hangries set in and resting before the serious drama begins.

All in all >18,000 steps, about 7 park hours split between the morning and evening, 4 hour mid day break, and beautiful weather (75). Off to MK tomorrow morning and probably AK in the afternoon/evening!


What a great day!

Thanks for writing! Fun to read

I like your approach to “sassy tweens and toddlers.”

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is this typical?? That’s no good!

What a fun day!!

I’m crossing my fingers that the operating hours may improve with warmer weather? i don’t know what temps are like there this morning but I do wonder if colder temps have them a little skittish. Although these things run at ski resorts so it shouldn’t be an issue but this is WDW…

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It was in the 50s this am, warmed quickly and sweatshirt off by about 9:30.

Another rough bus morning at CBR… waited 45 min for MK bus. I think they’re filling up on the other side of the resort and leaving before they get to Aruba/Jamaica side. I texted the manager again from yesterday and they sent us a bus which folks from Aruba and Jamaica completely overstuffed. Different manager today, but same cell # so he helped us out. I commented that I hoped for better buses tomorrow after 2 very poor days. His response was to comp a Minnie van for us to the parks the next 2 days. Yes, please and thank you! I’ll feel bad for everyone standing at the bus stop in the morning with no liner there to contact management…

Skyliner is so convenient and would free up buses for other the other parks. Hopefully they change the timing to make it useful for RD in the near future!


When we were there last month staying in the Aruba section, we walked over to the Old Port Royale bus stop on our mornings going to MK and AK. That worked well and we had seats…on both occasions we did this, the bus was packed by the time it got to the Barbados section and so they left for the parks from there and those buses never even made it around to the Jamaica and Aruba sections of CBR

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Last month when I stayed at CBR in the Aruba section I used the Riviera bus stop.

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That’s probably best suggestion @Dreamer @srentmee for ensuring space on the bus, don’t wait at Aruba or Jamaica cuz no one’s gonna take you…

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Bermuda? Bahamas?


Is this a beach boys reference?

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Come on pretty mama , key largo, Montego​:joy::joy::joy::joy: you made me laugh out loud at swim practice! Needed that!


Day 2 - MK and AK
We attempted to get to MK in time for EMH, but the buses were conspiring against us (again). We got helped out and comped as I mentioned earlier today so I’ll move on to the fun stuff!

Since we pretty much missed all of EMH, we decided to wait at the frontierland RD so we could head to BTM. As we walked back to the ride, you could see people sprinting from Fantasyland to get to BTM. So, cast members stopped everyone near country bears for a lecture on running… come on people, did you hear the rules?? (I’m a teacher) Anyways, I’m supposed to be focusing on the fun!

Rode BTM and Buzz with pretty much no wait. On the way to Buzz, DH asks for band-aids for his heels - hmm, maybe shoulda listened when I told him weeks ago to start breaking in those new kicks.

Onto SM for our 1st FP, followed by under the sea, and HM as FP. Enjoyed mid morning waffles and coffee at sleepy hollow. We had about 30 min until our 3rd FP time so DD and I browsed the shops, DH and DS did the shooting arcade, and DSis did country bears.

Headed to our 3rd FP, another ride on BTM (family fav!). As soon as we tapped in, I started looking for 4th FPs. Got PoC for about 30 min later. DH is so impressed with my skills and knowledge, he should remember that next time I offer advice ;). While waiting for our PoC FP time to open, we went to tiki birds, DSis loves all the old school MK stuff. Both kids fell asleep during tiki birds… so much for anticipating those nap needs. After PoC FP, we decided to grab the kids snacks and head back to the resort for a break - popcorn for DS and Mickey bar for DD. I was hoping to try the cheeseburger spring rolls, but no luck, they were out. I’ll have to try again later this trip.

Our resort bus was waiting at the pickup area - what good luck! DH grabbed some food at spyglasss grill (at CBR). I enjoyed the yuca veggie bowl while relaxing in the beach lounge chairs. The rest of the crew napped, I’m a terrible napper, but DH and the kids can fall asleep pretty much anywhere. I had my alarm set for 2:55 so I could search for FoP FP at the 3:01 drop. I kept changing the time that I was searching for to refresh the list, clicked repeatedly back and forth between 3, 4, 5:00 and at 3:01 FoP appeared! Success for a 4:05 FP for party of 5!

I rallied the crew for 3:45 bus to AK. While standing at the bus stop, DS realizes that he doesn’t have his magic band… I sprint to the room and back just in time for the bus. Rookie mistake, but no harm. We headed straight to our FoP FP - wow, that is an awesome ride! Pandora wasn’t open the last time we visited so that was all new for us. We got off the ride a few minutes before the 5:01 FP drop so I was able to grab another FoP FP for 6:40!

On to Dino with a short standby wait. DD drama was building so next stop was food! Then DH took the kids on EE while DSis and I watched ROL. We enjoyed it, DH and kids caught the last few minutes which was enough to get the gist and not feel like they missed much. We watched from the bridge between Nemo and EE. Next up, our 2nd FoP FP! Enjoyed it just as much! We exited the ride about 15 min before the park closed. DS asked if we could ride Navi, I was surprised that everyone still had enough energy for another ride! I’m glad we did as the wait was only about 10 min (posted at 30 min).

Another successful day >21,000 steps! Tomorrow’s plan is MK and HS.


Sounds like a great day accomplished by great planning! The baby care/first aid centers in the parks will give you moleskin for you husband’s blisters if bandaids aren’t cutting it. In MK, it is located right next to Crystal Palace. Looking forward to reading tomorrow’s report!

Your trip sounds great (even with the bus mishaps)! Awesome getting 2 FOP rides!!! Have a great rest of your trip!

Day 3 - MK and HS

We decided to try for another ROTR BG this morning, but wanted a late group with the hopes of using it in the evening. We arrived at the Skyliner at 7:50 to find that it has been open since 7:30. According to the CM we spoke with, that was a last minute change. We asked when it would open tomorrow - 8:00, same as HS. So no method to the madness! We went bag free and tapped in about 8:01, at about 8:02 we got BBG 106 and then left the park. Skylinered back to CBR to get our bags, apply sunscreen, etc before catching a bus to MK. No issues with the buses today, I chatted with the driver a bit and he said they usually run 2 bus routes at CBR in the mornings, one for each side. I commented that didn’t seem the case yesterday… I did get a text later in the morning from the hotel manager asking how our day was going. You really do catch many more flies with honey here at WDW.

It was our 2nd morning at MK so we only had a loose plan, we did our pre-scheduled 3 FP and then played FP lotto to hit a bunch of non-headliner rides. I’ve sorta lost track at this point our exact sequence or number of 4th+ FP… There were lots of temporary ride closures today so several FP converted to any experience. Our last multiple experience FP didn’t drop off after we tapped in at JC so we used it again at PoC (it dropped after PoC).

We had lunch at BoG, DH really enjoyed the tuna nicoise plus a few snacks while wandering - Mickey pretzels, cheeseburger spring rolls, and dole whips (especially refreshing on this humid day).

After a short afternoon break at the hotel, our ROTR BBG (106) got called about 5:45 with a 1 hour window. Skyliner was closed due to high winds so we had to take the bus (Skyliner is so much faster!). We headed straight to ROTR since it was near the end of our window and it was down :(. There were no notifications on the app. The CM told us that the app wouldn’t keep us updated and to just watch the boarding groups, if a new BG was called, that meant the ride was back up and that our spot would be honored even if our window had closed (it never opened back up). While we waited, we rode ST and MF and the kids bought some souvenirs.

On our way out, we walked past ROTR and DSis suggested that we ask the CM about our BBG. I said that there was no way we would get any compensation since we were just a BBG. DH decided to ask anyway and they said, yes, let us scan your magic bands and that will give you a 1 day HS only ticket and a FP for anything tomorrow (including ROTR). I was shocked that they gave us that, maybe because our group was called and then it went down???

About 9 park hours today, 22,000 steps, warm and humid (85), and windy (many of the evening shows were cancelled). Tomorrow we’ll sleep in and then AK, a quick run through HS for ROTR, and then maybe EP since we haven’t been there yet.


Great info… we’re going in a couple of weeks and I love all the detail for those mornings… the biggest unknown is how much to trust transportation. Glad to hear the Disney manager was so responsive. Sounds like it all worked out really well in the end.