Trip Report: Work and Pleasure Combined

Perfect trip report. Loved the pictures.

Sounds like a brilliant holiday and your trip report was excellent, and very helpful. What would you do differently?

This is a good question.

#1 would have been to pack flip flops or spare socks in our bag on the MK day.

I think given our time constraints (1 day per park (MK, AK, HS), shortened day at Epcot) this was the best I could have done to fit in the things that we really wanted to do/see/eat.

It does leave things for next time - like eating at satuli, Dinosaur, RoL, Disney Springs, Agent P, basically all of world showcase, see more of TL or BB that I just couldn’t fit in.

Overall I would have preferred a bit more relaxed pace so that we weren’t dead by the end, but without cutting out a park or extending our time there (and $$$) I don’t know how we would have done that. I was originally thinking we would hit MK or Epcot 2 days at a more relaxed pace and not do AK but my kids voted and REALLY wanted AK so that’s why it shook out how it did.

Edited to add - I would totally love to do DAH for the MK day next time as that seems like a great bargain but would HAVE to have a rest day afterwards! There was one the weekend we were there but there was no way we could do it since we were RDing pretty much each morning. Next time!


Thanks so much for sharing your trip report! You got so much done and it sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time! I also enjoyed all of your pictures!

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great report - you planned a great trip! Jealous of your early mornings. I can never rally my troops to get up that early on vacation!

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Excellent trip report! If the midnight fireworks at EPCOT were on Monday July 16, that was the DVC Moonlight Magic night. They had additional fireworks for that. They were pretty good. It was easier to get good pictures without blocking anyone.

Ah HAH! That makes sense. I was so groggy when I woke up and saw them that in the morning I was wondering if I’d dreamt it…

Your kids are troopers! Mine will stay out late but getting to rope drop is very hard - I don’t think I could sell the early early HS rope drop. It looks like a fantastic trip!

I didn’t know there was an Andy’s room at All Stars. It looks so cute. Thanks for sharing!

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Really awesome report! You did a great job planning and fit so much in!

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