Trip Report which includes the kickoff to the Ultimate WDW Bucket List Adventure!

Update! We kickoff our next trip tomorrow! Here is the link to see what this trip will entail!

Thanks again for those following along!

Hi everyone! We hope everyone is doing well! I just wanted to share a our latest trip report with you all!
This trip was one of five trips happening in 2020 as we are attempting to complete the ultimate Walt Disney World bucket list! Now the reasons behind doing this are two-fold. The first and most important reason is to raise awareness and money for three incredible charities that include Make A Wish, Give Kids the World and a music foundation that helps special needs children. The second reason is to share things that may get overlooked or may not be as well known around the WDW Resort with everyone.

So on our first trip, we completed 16 items off of our 108 item list! We also started on a few other items that continue throughout the year. A few of the highlights were the 2020 WDW Meetup, an After Hours event at MK and doing the Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot. We also stayed in 4 hotels over the 4 nights!

You can see the full trip report here:

You can also see the full bucket list here:

Fundraising page here:

I just added some new pages to blog to give our thoughts on the Disney World hotels and restaurants that we are trying throughout the adventure!

You can find those pages here:

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and I’ll continue to update here as we go along for anyone that wants to follow along.


This report was great! I love your pictures!
Was the bucket list something you made? Or is it an ongoing challenge?

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Thank you so much! This was something we came up with as a way to raise money for charity and share some different experiences with others :slight_smile:

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Great trip report! How was the resort switch the DAH night? I’m doing a resort switch/DAH combo in March.

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That is so great!

Just found the link to your bucket list on your blog! Maybe add it here for other liners. Excited to follow your adventures!

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Hi! It worked out good! We had bell services transfer our bags for us when we left OKW and checked into WL prior to our dinner reservations and heading over for DAH. That way we were set once we returned to WL after DAH.

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I can definitely do that! Glad you took a look! We have a lot to accomplish but it’s going to be fun trying! Thanks again for your interest and for following along!

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Hi again! Just letting you know I added some new pages here as well :wink: Thanks again for following along :wink:

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Also, please free to ask any other questions about this or anything else. :slight_smile:

That’s great! Look forward to reading them!

When’s your next trip?

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Our next trip is March 4th-8th :smile: This upcoming trip is with my husband’s mom for her 80th birthday celebration so it will be at a bit slower pace which has been interesting during the planning process lol. I will have a new blog post out about 2 weeks prior to the trip that will talk about what all we are doing. :smile:

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