Trip Report- VERY early morning rope drops w/smll kids, SWGE, Skyliner Travel, FOP

Sorry about that- Everyone in our group did have a fast pass for that ride.
So for example-
We all went to the rider swap and choose who is going first (me, son, hubs).
Then you have to choose who is riding second. And, the person staying behind and riding second (my father in law) was allowed to bring 2 people with him when it was his turn.

SO first ride was me, hubs, son and we walked right up through fast pass and got right on.
Second ride was father in law and 2 people (son, hubs) and they also go through the fast pass lane.
So basically, 2 people got to ride twice.

Now, if you DON’T have fast pass you do the same process, the only difference is that the FIRST group of people has to wait in the long line. However, the second group goes through the fast pass lane.

Did that make sense? I find the rider swap thing to be confusing. It took me a day or so to get used to it.