Trip Report: The one with the epic split stay, AKA the one that saved my sanity

I wish MO was available there.


Looks more like a taco to me.

(But yes, still one of the best.)



I haven’t had the nutella waffle but that is my one must at MK. I make it at home and it is so yummy!!! It must be even better on Disney waffles. Gorgeous pictures. I love the Cinderella float! Mostly amazed by your awesome morning from rope dropping.

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Me too!

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Ok Mk day 2 continued…
We had a 4pm reservation at Crystal Place. The salad and biscuits with honey butter were super good. The rest of the food…not so much. DH had prime rib. It looked Ok but was nothing special. He said the best part was the horseradish sauce. Kids and I had the fried chicken. The breading was very peppery. The Mac n cheese that came with it was runny (like watery) and really had no cheese flavor. We switched out the collard greens with fries, which were very good…But they were fries…kinda hard to mess up. Dessert looked impressive but was just Ok. Nothing memorable. The place is beautiful though. Still a one and dine for us.

It was a little after 5 when we left dinner. Crowds really thin after 5. We walked on HM, waited 10 for pooh, and just under 20 for buzz. From here the fam headed to BTMRR for 1 last ride on that. They waited about 10 min. POC had a wait of about 45 min all day after 9 0r so. I figured it might go down if we waited a bit so we headed back up to Mermaid and walked on. We really only wanted to do POC from that point so we made our way there. Wait time posted as 40 min. We waited about 30. Worth it to close out the night with one of our favorites.

From here, we grabbed coffee at main st. Bakery and sat and enjoyed it while everyone rushed out.

This was seriously the best day to end our vacation :blush:


Great pictures. Love the POC one and the castle one!!


May I direct you to the “is it a snack or not” thread wherein various fries are discussed and debated, with clear evidence that it is very possible indeed to mess that up :wink:

Super fantastic photos. LOVE the one of the Tangled Tinkle Tower area


Ha! They were actually really good fries. Possibly my favorite part of the meal.


We arw on our way home now. There was just 1 thing I couldn’t leave without trying so we made a quick stop. And these pretty babies were sooo worth it. They are amazing. You have to try these!!!


The donuts look beautiful, but I have to ask - do people take off the big candies and stuff off the top before taking a bite? I can’t imagine someone fitting a donut that size in their mouth. Not to mention trying to eat a Reese’s and a donut at the same time. But that’s just me.


I could not eat a whole one. They are like half a pound each. I cut them up and we shared. I had a quarter of the chocolate and a quarter of the PB. That was almost too much actually. DS 16, ate almost all of his :laughing:.
The donuts are really light in texture with a heavier filling. But the filling wasn’t overly sweet. They are balanced really well. And they actually didn’t sit heavy in our stomachs.


Did you remember to order your diabeetus supplies when you placed your donut order? :wink:


Diabeetus doesn’t happen on vacation :laughing:
Especially in the last few moments of vacation. You can basically eat what you want with no consequences.


Why have I never heard it referred to as this?




Pixie dust is easier for the pancreas to keep up with vs sugar, resulting in the milder disneybetes. Occasionally that too will require treatment, found near the Tangled Tinkle Tower, known as Flynn-sulin.

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Some thoughts…since I have hours and hours of time to reflect right now :roll_eyes:.

I went into this expecting pretty high crowds but they were not bad. Definitely far less than expected. Parks felt empty for the first couple of hours and the last couple of hours each day. 11-2 seem to be the busiest hours of the day, as expected. But even then, there are areas that felt crowded and other areas that felt empty. The crowds this week were definitely lighter than our last few trips (generally February and August).

We are tge family who haven’t hugged our parents through covid. We haven’t shared meals with anyone outside of our home. I worried that I was being naive about how safe we would be at Disney. From the moment we arrived in the world, we were impressed by the safety measures in place. We definitely felt very safe. Mask compliance had to be 99% and most people were respectful of the distance markers. I did have to ask one lady to please back up, and she did and we had no problems after that. Disney has really well thought out the safety stuff and it was clear that this was their top priority.

I wore a Vida mask. Best masks ever. They are breathable and light. You can add a filter if you would like. I am fully vaccinated so opted not to. My kids actually did choose to wear a filter and still found them to be very comfortable. It was 80s and full sun for most of trip and the masks weren’t bad at all to wear. We often forgot they were on. I raised a drink to my masked mouth more than once :laughing:. It was 87 and 89 for the last 2 days. There were a couple of times then that I wish I could take a mask break, but in general, they did not bother us.

Covid changes:
LOVE the new park entry with scanners and no bag checks. LOVE just tapping the magic band, no fingerprint. All of this saves time and makes entry quick and easy. LOVE mobile order. So quick and easy. So much less standing and waiting in line. LOVE the distancing measures. Hear me out…one of my least favorite things about normal (precovid) Disney is all the rushing and crowding and line cutting. With all the safety measures, these things didn’t happen. I felt less rushed and I felt like we could actually look up, down, around at all the details. I noticed things I hadn’t before. It was really, truly lovely. When my sons went to buy their lizard monkeys for example, they only let one family in at a time. They really got a chance to look around and find what they wanted. LOVE the calvacades. They are short, cute, and yes…magical. again, no crowding or people pushing through and standing in front if you. Everyone just moves to the side and everyone gets a good view. Everyone waves, then moves on. LOVE lines with no FP. I said it. Lines move so much faster. You’re basically always moving in line. And you have flexibility to change your mind and plan without messing everything up! This one isn’t a LOVE…but I found that we were completely ok without fireworks or some end of the night send off. I would like to see fireworks again, but not having fireworks certainly didn’t ruin anything for us.

LTT and Rose and Crown were huge hits. Definitely highlights of our trip. Spring rolls just Ok for me but family loved them. Fruit and waffle sandwiches will always have my heart. Regal eagle is always a solid choice. Everything we tried at epcot was good :laughing:. Also, get the donuts, you won’t regret it.

CM were amazing. Everyone was so friendly and they truly create the magic. We felt it. Disney felt like Disney. The Disney we know and love. This was our 12th trip and definitely ranks up there on the list of best trips. If you’re considering a trip, my advice is to go :wink:.

Also BLT is amazing. It’s so hard to leave this :point_down:

Thanks for following along. Until next time (currently February 2022, but hey you never know :wink:)…