Trip report Thanksgiving Week 2015

Just returned from a great trip at WDW. Stayed at Riverside and Beach Club. We left Nov. 21 and were there until Friday Nov. 27. Christmas/Holiday decorations are all up everywhere and the hotels and resorts were just beautiful. The parks were certainly crowded, and we found the best strategy was to be there early, at opening, with a plan, and fast passes already booked. With this plan we were able to do all our favorite rides, sometimes two or even three times. We sometimes booked a fourth fast pass after we used up our 3 allotted FPs and were able to avoid more of the lines. The longest we waited in line was 20 or 30 minutes (and that ride, Laugh Floor, only because it was really mid-afternoon and thus peak of the crowds). During peak crowds we really enjoyed some of the no-line rides or non-busy activities like the MK’s Pirates’ Adventure: Treasure of the Seven Seas which is a do-it-at your own pace scavenger hunt but in typical Disney style has amazing hidden surprises and is done really well. Also MK has a new Sorcerer’s Apprentice similar deal but we actually liked the Pirate one the best in MK. We really liked Agent P’s adventure in Epcot which also has amazing little hidden adventures built into different country landscapes. Animal Kingdom has a Wilderness Adventures for kids with a booklet of things to do/find across the park that would take an entire day! We only did a few of the stations but would like to do on a future trip when we have more time in that park. We also took a break most days in the afternoon before returning for a dinner in the park. We avoided completely parks with EMH in the morning, since that often meant being there at 7 am this week. We tended to go for arriving at parks in the morning rather than staying there late or going for late EMH (MK was open until 1 am! Needless to say we did not stay that late). We did find the parks more crowded than predicted but the touring plan software and TP advice in general was a godsend and so helpful for making a schedule that avoided waiting in lines. The popular rides all reached 2 hours or more wait times by midday so avoiding those waits was key. All in all we were prepared for a really busy week but the planning paid off and I can honestly say we really enjoyed the trip and had a great time. Even my DH who is not really a Disney fan enjoyed it.


Nice TR! I know who to contact for T-week info & questions now. The new interactive in the parks are a plus. It’s great you were able to try them all.

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Thank you for sharing.