Trip Report - Short Trip & Some New Things

Sitting in the airport going home from a short trip with my 20 year old son. We stayed at Pop Century and got a room very close to our requested one through reservation finder! We had the quick service dining plan. The weather was awesome for the entire trip! Our days went as follows:

Saturday 1/5 - Arrival day. To Disney Springs for lunch and a little shopping. To HS that evening for DAH. LOVED IT! I thought it was very worth the money especially since I didn’t get us park tickets for that day it wasn’t an added expense on top of the cost of a park ticket. Rode everything as much as we wanted and ate some snacks. Actually ate dinner at Woody’s Lunchbox. It was pretty good! We enjoyed the empty park and were actually ready to leave by 10:30 because we had been going since 4:00 that morning. Loved it. Might not do it on arrival day next time because we were tired.

Sunday 1/6 - Epcot . Garden Grill breakfast at 9:45. This was new to us and I’ll have to admit we were underwhelmed for the price. It was totally fine and the characters were great but we felt like we should have just used a quick service credit at the resort to get breakfast. FFP for Nemo, SSE And FEA by 12:00. Took some time after to explore world showcase. We really took it slow and did things we had it done before. We split lots of food and snacks along the way. My son has a new camera so he spent a lot of time taking pics. Got a 4th FPP for Soarin, went to the Visa character meet and greet, and rode MS. We had never ridden MS before. My son went orange and I went green. We both really loved it! Headed back to the resort for dinner in the food court and an early night. Awesome day!

Monday 1/7 - Animal Kingdom. FFP for Navi River, KSS and EE. Grabbed some breakfast at Starbucks/Creature Comforts with snack credits. My son loves the colossal cinnamon roll there! Watched Lion King and Nmo and had lunch at Satulie Canteen! We loved it there. While at lunch, snagged at FFP for FOP at the 3:01 drop time for 4:00! Rode that and loved it as always! Headed out to Disney Springs for the evening. Did some shopping and used quick service credits at Wolfgang Puck Express! Very good use of a credit!! Back to the room!! Another great day!!

Tuesday 1/8 - Magic Kingdom. Got a little later start than we planned. We were tired!! Got to MK about 9:30. Used FFP for Space, rode Buzz with very short wait and headed to Sleepy Hollow for the Mickey Waffles with our snack credits. Went from there to BTMM for another FFP. Watched Country Bear Jamboree for the first time. It was fine. :joy::joy: I then realized I had lost my magic band. Probably holding my hands up on BTTMR! Headed to guest services for a new band. No problem. Decided to leave and go to the Poly to eat a quick service lunch at Capt’n Cooks. It was good and it was nice get out of the park for a while. It felt very crowded this day. Went back to the park used a FPP for Pirates, watched the Tiki Room and watched the parade. First time for Tiki Room. My son declared it the dumbest thing he’s ever done at Disney! :joy::joy:. Got a FFP for HM and then spent some time shopping. It was pretty hot this day and we were getting tired but we had dessert party reservations. Decided to ride over to Contemporary to have dinner at Contempo Cafe’. It was good and again nice to be out of park. Went back to MK. Checked in to desert party. We had the after fireworks party. Sat in the back like others have suggested and really enjoyed it! We saw a couple get engaged. So fun! After the fireworks, we headed to the desert party and really liked that too. Obey, gooey, toffee cake was the favorite. After that, back to the resort for packing, showers and bed! Whew! I got tired again just typing about that last day! We should have gone back to the room mid-day because we were already tired and the park was hot and crowded. We also encountered quite a few rude guests on this day. I think we would have benefitted from the rest! Oh well, live and learn!

Overall an awesome trip! Love spending this time with my son! Next trip planned for Dec, 19. Not sure if we will keep that one or not. We may sit out for a while but I’ve said that before so who knows!

Thanks for reading along and thanks for all of your awesome tips!!


Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for your report! I love reading these.

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Sounds terrific!

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Saw the Fast Pass same day drop times on another post, wish I had saved - can you share them all again! Glad you enjoyed your trip

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From what I understand there have been fast pass drops for FOP at 1:01 pm and 3:01 pm. We got ours at 3:01. I also have read of fast passes for SDD being dropped at 12:01 pm and 2:31 pm. Not sure about any of them but it’s worth a try.

I had a 4th fast pass for EE and at 3:01, I tried to modify that and FOP came up immediately for 4:45. I immediately tried to modify it and after a couple of times I got a 4:00. I was so excited! We were sitting in Satuli Canteen and I wanted to run around telling everyone to try it. My son was very much against that idea! For some reason he thought that would be weird! He hates when I try to give advice to people in the parks! :joy::joy:


Goodness gracious! I was trying to type this fast before boarding the plane this morning. Just read through it again and found sooooo many typos! Sorry! That’s what “Disney Tired” and early morning Magical Express will do to you! :joy::joy:


So does my DS. And who wouldn’t? It’s the size of his head.

Sounds like you had a great trip!

What a fun trip! It feels like my DD is growing up so fast love hearing that as they grow up they still like going to Disney!

Does the fast pass drop times only happen when in park or does it happen 60 days or less out?