Trip Report - September 6-13, 2014

So I’ve been absent from the forum and Chat since we got home from our trip 6 months ago - primarily because life has been nuts and secondarily because I’ve been bummed about not having anything DW to look forward to. Then last week DH dropped a bombshell – HE suggested we go back THIS YEAR! WHA??? I’m over the moon excited. So it got me motivated to wrap up the loose ends from our last trip – scrapbook, photos for autograph album, buy cages for the girls pick-a-pearls, etc. And of course, share a trip report!

While we were on the trip I took care each night to type up what we did that day, so I’m literally copying and pasting. I wrote it more to share with our family and it was written during the trip, so it’s from that POV. Hope that makes sense

This was my 4th trip (2x as a kid, 1x a adult), DH 3rd (1x kid, 1x adult with me), girls first – they were 7, 5 and 3 at the time of the trip. We stayed at Beach Club and had a 7 day ticket, no PH.

So here it goes!

Day 1: Arrival

We made it! Our trip went fairly smooth today. We left on time, missed our exit to the airport shuttle but didn’t get too far off track. Mom and Dad celebrated by having a beer and pizza while the girls enjoyed pizza and burgers for lunch at the airport. Our flight left right on time and Chad got his first bit of pixie dust in that Southwest carried Fox Sports 1 for free on the flight so he got to watch the Wildcats eek out a win over Iowa State while on the flight. We had a bit of turbulence on our decent which did not make Mom very happy but we survived. We got a bit turned around finding Disney Magical Express in Orlando Airport but found it and were lucky to be some of the last people to board a full bus. So we only had to wait 5 minutes to pull away from the airport and it only took about half an hour to reach the Beach Club. The bus ride was uneventful and not much to look at as they had sun covers on the windows and it was raining pretty good so it was hard to see any of the Orlando landscape around us.

Upon arrival at the Beach Club (oooh, the lovely smell!) we checked in where Anastasia from Canada welcomed us and did a wonderful job making our girls feel special. She gave them Mickey stickers and pins saying it was their first trip to wear while here. After checking in we headed to our rooms. It was a nice, fairly large room, with a tiny 1 or 2 person balcony. We unloaded our things and headed back out for dinner. We ended up walking over to Boardwalk area and mom and dad got a lobster roll and roast beef sandwich while the girls got a cheese pizza. That was our first good tip for the day – at the pizza place on the Boardwalk you can get one slice, one drink and one dessert for one QS credit, or use 2 QS credits and get a whole pizza with 2 drinks and 2 desserts. As the girls were fighting over who got the desserts so that was pixie dust #2 – the server gave us an extra dessert! Of course none of the girls ate the whole thing so they could have shared two, but otherwise they would have fought over it. After dinner we walked back to BC where we walked around Stormalong Bay, our resort’s hotel. It seems really nice and the girls cannot wait to swim in it. While we were checking with the concierge on our stroller the CM told the girls to take the roll of stickers and walk from the desk out to where Chad was standing. They ended up with a string of stickers 5 feet long! Of course Carlie’s first words were “we can sell these and make money!” to which we promptly told her no. Then we got our resort mugs (part of the dining plan) and our stroller from Kingdom Strollers and headed back to our room. The girls put on their PJs, brushed teeth, watched some Disney on TV and then we turned out the lights. Mom and dad had to stay up and wait for luggage to be delivered but I got to type this report while Dad checked FB. The girls took a while to calm down and fall asleep and hearing the Epcot and HS fireworks didn’t help. Hopefully luggage arrives soon so mom and dad can call it a night too. Looking forward to MK tomorrow morning!


Day 2: Magic Kingdom

Well the day started off rough as no one slept very well the night before. DD7 had been up around 2:30 a.m. sleep walking, trying to climb into bed with DH & DD5 (she was sleeping with mom) and then falling out. Plus our luggage arrived at 10:30 p.m. so mom and dad didn’t get settled in until late. But we were up and at ‘em around 7 am and managed to catch a bus to MK around 8:00. We arrived at MK around 8:20 and found a spot to watch the Welcome show. I admit when the cast came out to start the show “Good morning, good morning…” mom had a hard time keeping the tears at bay. The girls were thrilled to see Anna & Elsa at the welcome show and are highly anticipating meeting them Wednesday. We went through the front entrance and made our way down main street as DD7 continued on and on with “wow, mom, just, wow mom”. She was by far the most impressed. The little girls were still both so tired and groggy we didn’t get much reaction from them.

We had a few photos taken in front of the castle and finally made our way to Ariel’s Grotto. Ariel loved the dinglehopper we gave her and said she hadn’t seen a white one before! Next we went on to Under the Sea which all three girls loved. Then onto the Winnie the Pooh ride which had a great interactive queue allowing the kids to play while waiting. Disney is genius. It was a cute ride and DD3 really seemed to like it most.

Then we moved on to the much anticipated Seven Dwarves Mine Train. We FP that and only waited maybe 5 minutes to board. DD7 was very brave and rode by herself with a nice lady we met in line who was riding solo too (husband was riding with her son). DH had DD3 and Mommy had DD5. DD7 and DD3 loved it. My little thrill seekers. DD5…not so much. She’s much more like her mom, wasn’t a big fan of the drops. But she did like the Seven Dwarves animatronics.

Then we walked over to Mickey’s Philharmagic. We were lucky to catch it, it was closing down for refurbishment the next day. It was a cute 3D movie about Donald losing Mickey’s sorcerer hat and he travles around meeting different Disney movie characters who catch it for him. DD7 and DD5 both proclaimed it a favorite and loved trying to “catch” all the 3D items, especially the gems. After that we grabbed a Mickey ice cream bar and took a small break.

Then we walked over to Enchanted Tales with Belle where DD7 was picked to be the Beast, DD5 the horse and DD3 the broom. They acted out Beuaty and the Beast with Belle and DD7 even got to dance with Belle as the Beast. and each got to meet her, get a bookmark as a thank you and their photo with her. It was really a cute attraction. Then it was time for lunch at Be Our Guest. It was really a wonderfully designed restaurant. We sat In the room with the dancing Belle and Beast. The pot roast was great, my roast beef was good, the kids food was just eh. The Strawberry cheesecake cupcake was really good, the masters cupcake with gray stuff was okay.

DD7 being the scary Beast.

And DD3 waiting to meet Belle. Love her face waiting in anticipation.

And DD7 & DD5 dancing in BOG just like Belle & the Beast. Have I mentioned my girls are goofy?

Then we headed over to meet Daisy and Minnie. We lucked out, just as we entered the queue it began to pour. We met them, then headed back around to meet the great Goofini and Donaldo. Their interaction was cute but the girls didn’t really interact with any of them much. At this point in the trip they were having a harder time interacting with fur characters.

After that the rain stopped so we went and rode Dumbo. Again, Disney genius as the queue was an interactive playground for the kids to play in before it was time to ride. Mom ducked out of this one (don’t like rides that go in circles!) and DH rode with all 3 girls. Then we headed to Barnstormer where DD7 decided she couldn’t ride by herself. So DH ended up riding with each girl once, which meant 20 minutes at Barnstormer. But the ride is only 2 minutes and even DD5 who didn’t like 7DMT liked this one.

It was hot (have I mentioned yet how ridiculously muggy it is in Florida in Septmeber? Yowza!) and we were all tired and it looked like a storm so we headed over to Frontierland in search of a frozen lemonade, a Dole whip, and a seat to watch the parade. We never found a frozen lemonade as all the kiosks shut down for the storm, then the parade was cancelled (stinker since we found a prime seat outside Diamond Horseshoe), but DH got in line for a Dole Whip and also got an orange/vanilla swirl. The Dole whip totally lived up to its hype and the orange swirl was also very delicious. We hope to have another one before leaving (side note - pretty sure we ended up having like 5 more). But by this time the rain was coming down good so we just hung out in the overhang/bathroom/fp kiosk area between adventure and frontierland.

When the rain settled down to a steady drizzle we headed over to the Carousel. The girls loved it, which didn’t surprise us. Then we went over to the Tea Cups with such a short wait that they rode twice. Mom bowed out of those as well (again with not liking rides that go in circles!), and was very glad when she saw how fast DH was spinning the teacups.

We meandered through Tomorrow land for a bit and ended up just heading down to Main Street to meet Tinker Bell. The queue was short but Tink must have gone on break because it took 15 minutes to get to her. But the girls were in awe as Tink might be one of their favorite characters. dd7 asked tink to fly and she said she couldn’t since the rain got her wings wet. As we left dd5 said “Mom, I don’t think Tink can’t fly because her wings are wet. It’s because she’s really just a person.” Smart girl.

By this time we needed to leave MK to head to GF for our dinner at 1900 Park Fare. The monorail seemed to take forever and with the rain the views weren’t even that great. We arrived just on time at 6 pm., took our family photo and headed in quickly to dinner. The characters were a few rows away so we got to eat most of our dinner before they came around. Dinner was pretty good (side note - IMO one of the best we had all week, esp as far as character meals are concerned), lots of international dishes and basics for the kids like corn dogs, mac and cheese, pizza, etc. Then Prince Charming came by and DD5 asked his real name. He said Charming, and DD5 thought he should be called Mike. Mom asked which stepsister he liked best and he said “which of your girls do you like best?”. Nicely played, Prince. Cinderella came by a bit later and was very sweet, although surprisingly the girls didn’t interact too much with her. Then the stepsisters showed up. Talk about hilarious. Earlier we witnessed them fighting a few rows away, later they sang for everyone, and at one point Anastasia said she found herself a sugar daddy as she posed with an older gentleman. The girls told Anastasia they liked her best, so Anastasia proceeded to screech “Druzilla!” over and over until Druzilla finally looked up. Then Anastasia bragged about being liked best. I asked Anastasia if she wanted three new housemaids. She asked what they can do, and I said, not much but they’re pretty cute. To which she replied “well I already have cute covered”. Finally the girls showed her their sequin Mickey Mouse shirts (which they loved and were so proud of), and Anastasia replied “yeah, nice, I see you have a rodent on your shirt.” Next Druzilla came by, we didn’t interact too much with her, I think she was mad that the girls said they liked Anastasia more. Finally was the stepmom, and the girls showed her how their sequins change color by rubbing up and down to which she bawdly replies “so you like to rub yourselves up and down. Good thing you’re still young.” Let’s keep it PG Lady Tremain.

After that it was time to head back to BC. With a late night, early morning and no naps we were pooped. Plus the constant rain was just no fun (side note – this was the only day it steadily rained. We had a few showers here and there but only this day it rained for a long time.) We barely caught the monorail leaving to MK. Got off and headed through still more rain to barely catch the bus to BC. In the morning when we left we also barely caught the bus to MK, so we had a LOT of pixie dust today on catching transportation. After the ride back we ran into the family we sat next to at dinner who were nice to chat with.

At BC we bought a new phone charger since ours broke, video taped the girls telling their favorite parts of the day, finally organized all the suitcase stuff (to make mom happy), took baths and hopped in bed. Oh and when we walked into our room we were surprised with a set of balloons, a white chocolate Mickey and 6 really beautiful gourmet chocolates and a note to the girls wishing them a wonderful time on their trip (I’m assuming courtesy of our check in CM Anastasia who the girls wowed with their charm and craziness). Amazing, wonderful surprise, love how Disney treats their guests.

It only took 20 minutes to get the girls to be quiet over the 60 from the prior night, so yay for progress. Lets hope for a better night of sleep tonight.

P.S. DH took 15,600 steps which is about 8.4 miles. Whew!

Pluses: ponchos, umbrella, fruit snacks (to shut kids up when they don’t get what they want), double stroller, scissors (which were for moleskin but we used to cut off the bottom of too long ponchos for the girls)

Minuses: too much unnecessary stuff in the bag, will pare down for tomorrow.

Stay tuned for Day 3: Epcot when I get a chance!


Day 3: Epcot

Morning went okay, we had more time to get up and ready since Epcot was only 5 minutes away. DD7 sort of slept-walked again last night, she tried to take DD5’s pillow since she ended up turned around in her bed and thought she lost hers. Oh the joys of a sleepwalker.

We left around 8:30, entered Epcot about 8:55. Strolled through UK and Canada, had our photo taken in front of the “ball”. Of course DD3 was being cranky and didn’t cooperate as usual. We had a FP to Soarin but bypassed it for SB since it was only 10 minutes. We were all buckled in when DD5 chickened out. So DD7, DD3 and DH rode, then we all did Living with the Land and then DD7, DD3 and DH used the FP to ride Soarin again. Then we did the Seas with Nemo and then Turtle Talk with Crush. TT was very good for adults and kids and I think is underrated.

It was almost lunchtime (11:30) so we headed to Mexico for nachos, chicken fingers and a very frozen margarita. DD7 decided to do the passport stamps around the world in her autograph book, so we got ours from Mexico and moved on. Oh, and DD3 spent half of lunch (and our time in Epcot) chasing the birds and ducks. Hey, I guess that’s fun when you’re 3. We bypassed Norway and China to return at dinner, then landed in Germany. We picked up Milk Chocolate Covered Sea Salted Carmel (pretty good) and a Carmel Brownie (not very good) in Karmel Kuche, got our passport stamp, then looked at the miniature city/trains. Then we headed to Italy for a passport stamp with DD3 chatting it up to the poor woman at the wine bottle counter. Probably because DD3 likes to tell everyone she loves wine. Anything from that one’s mouth for some attention or a laugh. {shaking head}

We grabbed a few photos of the girls by threatening no swim time and then moved on to America. Here we grabbed a burger and fries and apple pie and sat for a bit. After lunch and our passport stamp we hit Japan. Here the girls got to pick a pearl. They chose a clam from the water and the very entertaining woman opened each up (say it with me – Sun, Knee, Itchy!) and measured how large it was and noted any unusual qualities. Nothing unusual for the girls, they were all a little over average size but very pretty. We plan to purchase a Cinderella cage to show it off in from Etsy when we get home (side note – still have to do that. 6 months later. Yikes.) While we were waiting for our pick a pearl turn DD7 and mom ran to Morocco to get our passport stamp from there.

So after pick a pearl and getting the Japan passport stamp DH, DD5 & DD3 headed back to the hotel and DD7 and I picked up France’s passport stamp before heading back ourselves. We changed into swimsuits and hit the pool. Wow, were those girls transformed from tired complainers to having the time of their lives! They played in the water and sand then dad took them to the slide where they went down 4 times each. After that it started looking stormy and was getting late so we came upstairs and took showers and got ready for dinner.

We headed back out around 5:15 and got to Epcot around 5:30. We grabbed a passport stamp and a beer in UK, a stamp in Canada, then headed over to Norway for dinner. The girls got to meet Belle first at Akershus and had their photo taken and printed out for them. Then we sat for dinner. The food was okay, Norweigan style, not bad but not really impressive. DD3 got meatballs, DD% chicken, DD7 salmon, me meatballs and DH short ribs. DHs was the best, the little girls didn’t eat anything really. The buffet appetizer was just alright too. The girls got to re-meet Ariel, this time human Ariel. Then Cinderella again, then Snow White, then Aurora. So two new autographs. An okay meal, not sure I’d pay for it out of pocket but a decent use of dining plan credit. (side note – definitely my least favorite character meal, even overall meal, of the trip. Would not even use a TS credit on it again.)

Then we rode Maelstrom which was okay (scared the girls a little with trolls and going backwards), (side note - glad we got it in since we found out just after our trip it was being shut down!) got our Norway passport stamped, then went to China for the China passport stamp, then made our way to the bridge between France and UK for Illuminations. Illuminations was great, as DD7 said “that was impressive”. We’re glad the rain held off. Then we headed back to BC!

A good day, much less hectic and frantic, and the swim break was nice. Evening wasn’t as hot so that was nice. Just humid. The girls conked out almost right away once we got them in bed.

Steps: 18,600 steps, so 10 miles. I think more since Epcot is large and we went back to BC then back to Epcot again.


Great report! Can’t wait to read more. Your daughters are adorable!!

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@scrapper1617 I just read your report from January this evening which inspired me to do mine! So thank you!


You’re welcome! Thanks for reading it!


What a great report! Your girls are so cute!! So much fun to read - looking forward to more!! :smile:

Loving your report! As a fellow Mo3girls(9,6,&3) I completely relate! We are going in November for their first visit!

Great trip report! Love it!

[quote=“YouAreAllWeirdos, post:2, topic:10270”]
DD7 and DD5 both proclaimed it a favorite and loved trying to “catch” all the 3D items, especially the gems[/quote]
I really enjoy Philharmagic, but having seen the show many times I’ll sometimes watch and listen to the crowd. On my last visit, my friend’s daughter tried her best to grab everything that flew at her during this movie and during MuppetVision in the Studios.

[quote=“YouAreAllWeirdos, post:2, topic:10270”]
The Strawberry cheesecake cupcake was really good[/quote]
On of the best desserts in Disney World!

[quote=“YouAreAllWeirdos, post:2, topic:10270”]
video taped the girls telling their favorite parts of the day,[/quote]
That’s a really good idea. I’m gonna have to add that to my list of suggestions for friends traveling with their families.

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Day 4: Hollywood Studios

Surprisingly everyone got up pretty easy this morning considering bedtime wasn’t until 10 last night and we were up around 6:30 today. I think knowing they were meeting Doc McStuffins helped a lot. We got up, dressed and headed out the door around 7:35. We (and by we I mean mom) decided to walk there, turned out that was a bad idea. It was close to 2 miles (I don’t know why I was thinking just 1) and while fairly shady in the morning it was still so darned humid.

We didn’t arrive at HS gates until after 8 and by the time we arrived at H&V it was after 8:15. I think our ADR was at 8:10. But we were seated quickly and as soon as we sat Doc came up and made the girls go dance with her and Jake the Pirate singing the Doc theme song. DD7 & DD3 were loving it, DD5 got a little shy but joined the parade when mom went with her. As soon as we sat down she came around for autographs and photos. DD3 looked like she had died and gone to heaven. I think the most excited she’s been for any character. Jake the Pirate was next and I think DD3 has a crush on him. Then we got to eat, include the famous Mickey waffles. Everyone ate pretty good, especially mom and dad who had their first real good breakfast all week (we had been dining on granola bars and trail mix to save spending money on breakfast).

DD3 being uncooperative in photos yet again.


We bolted pretty quick after meeting Handy Manny and Sofia to try to make the 9:20 Frozen Singalong but missed it. So we used our FPP for Toy Story Mania which was awesome. Everyone loved it, probably one of our favorite all around rides of the trip.

We were going to meet Buzz & Woody but it was a 30 minute wait. So we skipped it and went into Oakens Trading post where the big girls bought souveniers. DD5 got a stuffed Olaf and DD7 a Frozen photo frame. Then we headed to our sing along. The Singalong was fantastic, and as always Disney did a great job keeping the adults entertained as well as the kids. The Royal Historians were hysterical. DD5, DD3 and I were having great fun belting out the songs. DD7 was a little more quiet, I think maybe she was just taking it all in.

After that we headed immediately to the spot where the parade/coronation went by. DH and DD3 were behind and went a different route, but myself and DD5 & DD7 were in front of the old AI building. DD5 had her new Olaf doll and when he came by Kristoff asked if her if she had built a snowman. She was so excited Kristoff talked to her! Then DH found us with dD3 and not too long after Anna & Elsa came by. The immediately noticed the girls and asked if they were sisters. A&E seemed so excited to see all three girls there together and waved and waved. The girls were just thrilled.

When the parade went by DH and DD7 went to Tower of Terror (we’ve figured out by now DD7 is a bit of a thrill seeker like her dad) while the little girls and I grabbed an ice cream sundae and headed over to Beauty and the Beast. DH did say DD7 didn’t really like ToT, she didn’t like the scary story (she’s a bit of a 'fraidy cat) or the drops. Beauty & Beast was a very good performance, especially the Be Our Guest sequence.

After B&B DD3 really really really wanted this Rapunzel toy she saw the previous day, so we headed to Voyage of the Little Mermaid area where they had a princess store. We couldn’t find a Rapunzel one but we found a Little Mermaid one which was just fine with her. We bribed her saying if we bought it she’d have to take photos with us all day like we asked (she had been very uncooperative so far in the trip). Which she complied with pretty immediately since we then headed back to Oakens to do the photo where they insert Olaf, and then the one where they insert Sven. She did great on all. And DD7 got her own with Olaf to put into her new frame.

After that we headed out of HS to go back for some quiet time. We took the boat back which was nice. We keep seeming to catch buses and boats right as they arrive. Pixie dust!

When we got back we grabbed some burgers at Hurricane Hannahs at BC. It was all just okay, nothing special. No pool today, we planned on a nap but as it turns out the pool needed an “unexpected cleaning” anyway (read: someone pooped in the pool). Mom went to do some laundry while everyone else rested. A moms work is never done, even on vacation.

The little girls fell asleep and took a short nap (thank goodness!). We got them up and headed back out around 4:30, hoping to be back in HS for Characterpalooza at what I thought was 5:10. We walked again (another 2 miles!) since we just missed the boat.

We made it to Streets of America at 5:10 and didn’t see a single character. Boo. So we waited a while and I posted a chat on Lines and sure enough, Liners come through with info that CP is at 5:40! TY Liners!! We decide to get a soft pretzel while waiting. DH & I got jalepeno one (very good!) and DD7 wanted a cinnamon but no one else wanted to share it so we said no. Lo and behold the CM at the cart said she’s shutting down in 4 minutes and was going to throw it away anyway so she just gave it to her. Pixie dust! After that we sat for a few minutes, and sure enough, right at 5:40 we see a whole cast of characters come out from the green doors by LMA! The girls got to meet and get autographs and photos with the Genie, Mary Poppins & her penguin, Ghepetto, Pinocchio, Mr. Smee, the Green Army Men, and the Queen (from Snow White). Stitch was there too but the line was so long we decided to meet him in MK. It was a whirlwind but it was great! The Army Men and Ghepetto were very interactive and the army men were pretending to blow up a truck when they couldn’t get into it. One Army Man pretended to go camo behind a planter with a leaf in front of his face. DD3 and the penguin danced together a bit too. Overall it was great character fun and totally something I would do again!

After that we headed to Muppets 3D which was cute, and of course we had to take a photo in front of Sam the Eagle.

After all, we are All Weirdos. :smile:

Then to dinner at ABC Commissary. We got Olaf cupcakes for dessert. Yum! Then it was time to head to Fantasmic. We got there a bit after 8 and it was already pretty crowded. It had started raining/drizzling again. We ended up sitting on the far side although we were in the first 1/3 of the rows. The show was really good, loved the creativity and story telling of the Disney team. The girls all loved it.

It started raining harder as we left and with the large crowd it took 25 minutes to get to the boat to BC. But the boat came 5 minutes later and packed us all in so we got back to BC around 10. After a quick shower and our video time the girls went right to sleep.

Todays steps: 19,500, or about 10.5 miles. Most of which was walking to HS. Both of us have achy feet, mom might be getting some blisters. Time for body glide tomorrow.

Side note – upon reviewing the trip as a whole, our HS day was the most unstructured. Once we ended up missing the Singalong because of being late to our ADR we just sort of ditched the touring plan and it felt the most muddled of our days there. Like we did a lot of “what do you want to do”, “I don’t know what do you want to do?” and since I was the only one who really did the research and knew what to see it was a bit convoluted. But all in all it was a fun day. We’ll go back again, although maybe for just a 1/2 or 3/4 of a day.


Day 5: Back to Magic Kingdom

Despite not getting the girls to bed until 10 and us until after 11 we were up early today and miraculously left the room around 7:45. We just missed a bus to MK but another came along within 10 minutes. We arrived at MK at 8:15 and got a great spot in front of Mickey in the train station. I’m figuring out the little girls are not morning people, and even by today DD7 was not her usual easygoing self.

But the Welcome Show was great again, and after we filed in we immediately went to SM. DH & DD7 rode 2x in a row and were out by 9:20. DD5 & DD3 played in the arcade and a CM gave them a free ride on a snow tubing simulator. They loved it.

We headed over to meet Merida where DD3 had a melt down when we made her stop coloring to come meet Merida. Merida stopped her meet and greet with the other family in front of us to come over and give Liz a basket of pencils so she could color while waiting, then gave her two pencils to take with her. Amazing interaction on Merida’s part, very embarrassing for DH & I. The toll the heat and late nights were taking on her was becoming more apparent.

Then we headed back to Tomorrowland where we rode Buzz Lightyear two times in a row per DD5’s request. I won both times (much to my competitive DH’s dismay! Then DH & DD7 went back to Space Mountain to use our FP and ended up riding 2x again. We were really seeing the advantage of a low crowd day. DD5, DD3 and I rode the PeopleMover and had a great time too. As we were going to head to Monster Inc. Laugh Floor we spotted Buzz coming out for his meet and greet. We were some of the first people in line and we teased him about Jessie and got photos and autographs. Then as we again were heading to Laugh Floor we saw Stitch come out and were one of the first to meet him.

We finally made it Laugh Floor where we had to wait about 10 minutes for the show to begin. So we texted in a few jokes to be used in the show and turns out 2 of them were picked! Both were DD7’s jokes.

By then we were nearing the end of our FP window for Peter Pan so we booked it over to Fantasyland and hopped on PP which turned out to be one of my favorite rides. After PP we jumped on IASW which was cute and much updated since the last time I saw it but still incredibly dull and boring. DD3 wanted to ride it again, I think she was the only one. Even DD7 & DD5 said no way.

By now it was A&E time, but DD5 was having a meltdown for being hungry. So DH went and got fruit snacks at our stroller (which was parked forever away) and while he did that DD7 & DD3 and I were in a store where the CM was sprinkling pixie dust in girls hair. So all 3 ended up with pixie dust which must have worked because our A&E FP went great!

There was a girl in line behind us who didn’t realize she was going to meet A&E until she saw them in the meeting room and her excitement was contagious. Both A & E gave our girls so much time and attention. I mean to the point where we felt bad for being with them so long. They chatted with Anna about why Kristoff hasn’t proposed, and whether Elsa would make her an ice ring and how to keep it from melting. DD7 asked Elsa if she set off any more eternal winters and she said no, she’s learned to control her powers. They also talked about Olaf and how to keep him from sneezing so he doesn’t lose his nose. They really gave our girls a lot of time, I don’t know if its because we had 3 kids to converse with at once or because our girls just talked a lot. I’m thinking the latter. But it was a fantastic meet & greet. DH commented over and over how much he was impressed by the CM’s.

By now we were all hungry so we grabbed lunch at Columbia Harbor House (which was very good, one of my favorite CS restaurants). After lunch DD7 and I shopped in the Christmas store and while DH took DD5 & DD3 in search of FP kiosks. We got in line for a bus around 2, one came around 2:15 and we were back in the hotel getting ready for a nap before 3. We had 2 false alarm fire drills at BC at 3 much to DH’s dismay (who really really wanted his nap), but around 3:10 all was quiet and everyone, even DD7 & I fell asleep.

We left from BC to MK around 6pm and were there around 6:20. We stopped by Tiana’s meet and greet and the CM said she’d be there at 7. So DH & DD7 went and got a FP to BTMRR while DD5, DD3 & I scoped out eating. We were down to just 11 QS meals so we were starting to conserve. We got in line for the Tiana M&G. Tiana was very interactive and the girls enjoyed chatting about kissing frogs and opening up restaurants and painting them pink. Oh, and DD3 was hopping around on the ground like a frog and ribbiting. Because that’s what she does.

Then we headed to Pecos Bills for dinner, and after that it was almost 8 so dad took DD5 to get dole whip and orange swirls while I took DD7 & dd3 to get a spot for MSEP. We got a great front row spot on the street just in front of the railroad. MSEP was a wonderful parade, very nicely done. One of my favorite memories. DD3 found a 4YO friend and they played swords with their glow sticks until the parade started. The spot we had wasn’t great for Celebrate the Magic, and was okay for fireworks. Honestly I have to say I was disappointed by Wishes. It might have been our spot we were in, but to me it didn’t live up to the hype. But fireworks are always nice.

We did meet a nice family who lived near Detroit who were affected by the floods up there this summer. They mentioned how they had gotten stuck on one of the rides and were given 4 anytime FP to compensate, but it was their last day and wouldn’t be using them, so they gave them to us. Pixie Dust!!

We booked it out of there just as it was ending and were in line to catch the BC bus which came just about 10 minutes after we got there. We got home around 11. Late night but no rain for us today (yay!) and a pretty good day.

Steps: fewest so far, only 16,800


Thanks again for sharing with us! Loving your report! :smile:

Day 6: Animal Kingdom

We started off the day letting everyone sleep in. DD5 was still up by 7:15, the other two by 8:15. We ended up leaving our room just after 9 and unfortunately had a lot of people in line for an AK bus so we had to wait almost 20+ minutes for a bus. Definitely saw the advantage just in transportation of getting an early start each day. When we got to AK we immediately saw DeVine, she was pretty cool to see.

Then we headed into Dino Land and the girls and dad rode Triceratops (yep, I still don’t do spinning rides!) before we headed into Asia for DH & DD7 to ride EE. They ended up riding 2x and then we headed across the park to Africa to pick up the Kilamanjaro Safari. It was pretty good but given we’ve been to some decent zoos it didn’t live up to the hype, IMO.

Then we were all pretty hot and the timing wasn’t right to see anything like Lion King or Nemo and we forgot our flip flops for Kali river Rapids so we decided to have DH & DD7 go on EE again while I took DD5 & DD3 to the Boneyard to play. But first we happened to catch Pocahontas for an autograph and photo.

After EE/Boneyard we met up at Flame Tree bbq for lunch and it was actually one of the better CS meals we’ve had. After that we went back to the Boneyard for 10 more minutes then decided just to go back to BC. I think we all, especially DH & I were feeling the effects of 5 days of parks. When we got back our room it was being cleaned so we grabbed our suits and headed to the pool. We swam for a good 2+ hours then headed to the room for a bath and tv time before dinner.

Dinner was at BC at Cape May fare. It was okay, not too bad but not worth the money if you’re paying out of pocket. Then we strolled the beach for a few minutes before returning to our room to call it an early night.

Pretty photos from BC of the YC & Boardwalk areas.

Today’s steps: a measly 6400 or about 3.5 miles


Day 7: Back to MK for a final day (boo!)

Well the kids got up pretty well today since they were in bed by 9 the night before. Which is good because we were up around 6:15. We caught a 7am bus to MK and arrived by 7:20. We were in the park by 7:45 and spent 20 minutes getting photos in front of an almost empty MK. We had a great photographer named Alex right at the end of Main St.
by the hub who did a great job getting the kids excited and smiling and getting helpers to count down for the kids in the photo.

Bad photo - this was with our camera. The sun rising in the east was not very picture friendly – too many shadows on our faces.

By 8:15 we were at Crystal Palace for breakfast with Pooh and friends. Food was good, characters were great, esp Tigger, and we were out of there by about 9:05.

First we hit the Magic Carpets, then DD5 wanted to ride it again, and as we did we saw Aladdin and Jasmine come out and ride with some guests before their M&G. The girls loved seeing them riding the ride. So we saw and met them and got pics and autograph.

Then went on the Jungle Cruise. A sad ride but the “driver” was pretty funny. The humor went over the girls’ heads.

Then we did Pirates of the Carribean which was a decent ride. From there DH took DD7 & DD3 on BTMRR (DD5 still wasn’t doing any “rollercoasters”) so I got her a Mickey bar as a reward for being so kind in always giving up her seat in the stroller or whatever else her sisters wanted. She was a little whiney this trip but still her kind generous self.

“Selfies” of the girls on BTMRR. Love seeing their thrilled faces.

After BTMRR and DH retrieving his phone that he left in the seat we met Woody and Jessie. They were a great interaction, talking about how Andy rubbed off of the bottom of Woody’s shoe, how Jessie needs sequins on her hat like the girls’ shirts, and how she loves Buzz Lightyear.

Then we rode Splash which DD5 & I agreed wasn’t too bad. :smile: After Splash it was close to noon so we hiked over to Peter Pan for his meet and greet. His was cute, talking about shadows and tink pulling Wendy’s hair.

By now it looked like it would downpour so we headed to the ice cream emporium for DD3’s ice cream in a cone she was complaining about “having to have!” and a cookie sandwich (which is my second favorite treat - holy cow that cookie sandwich was phenomenal!).

As we ate those it began to downpour. During a lull we ran into Casey’s for a hot dog and fries. It was packed in there but we found a seat as a kind family was leaving. After eating the rain had slowed to a drizzle and we walked down main street to go meet Mickey. It said a 15 minute wait that ended up being over 30 minutes. I think it was the only time the wait was longer than expected. Meeting Mickey was good, he was the talking Mickey, and while the girls enjoyed it they seemed more shy than usual. Maybe they were tired.

After Mickey we booked it back up Main St. to catch the end of our FP for meeting Cindy & Rapunzel. We had already seen Cindy 2x but this was our chance to meet Rapunzel. DD3 seemed smitten and they talked about Flynn Rider and frying pans and Pasqual helping brush Rapunzels hair. By now it was 10 minutes until FoF Parade so we headed into Liberty square and found a spot in front of Sleepy Hollow for the parade. We also saw the parasol umbrellas and each girl had to have one. They turned out very cute, I’m glad we did it.

FoF Parade was really, really good. I was very impressed with both the MSEP and this parade. I loved the malifient dragon and the steam-punk style of the parade. One of my favorite parts of the whole trip.

After the parade we went back to Main St. to pick out some statue souvenirs. DD3 got a colorful Ariel, DD5 a regular Ariel and DD7 got Tink. After this we headed for the Teacups but got sidetracked by the Dream Along with Mickey show in front of the castle. We saw the last 10-15 minutes of it, it was cute, I’m glad we got to see it.

Then DH and the girls rode the teacups, then DD5, DD3 & I went to pick up the parasols while DH & DD7 rode SM one more time. We met in front of Caseys, took our last stroll down Main St., took a few final photos and headed out.

Bye-bye Magic Kingdom! See ya real soon!

We took a boat over to Ft. Wilderness Campgrounds for HDDMR. Despite choosing section 2 on our reservations we were seated front and center in the middle of the first floor! Awesome view to everything. We found out our server Lisa had been with Disney for 35 years and she was even recognized during the show for her years of service! It was really a cute show, made us laugh and the kids mostly “got it” too. DD3 was being her entertaining self, and was up dancing, acting out, being her crazy goofy self. Pretty sure those around us were watching her as much as the performers. The table next to us couldn’t stop laughing at her, which gave her more fuel to ham it up.

After the show we caught a bus that took a whole bunch of us back to our resorts. Sadly it was an overcrowded bus with like 8 stops to make and we were the last, so we didn’t get to BC until 9:30 from a show that ended by 8. And I was standing next to a drunk lady and her obnoxious kids for 30 minutes. That was not very magical. Luckily she got off early because she had to go to the bathroom so bad. :smile:

Overall it was good day, the girls did good despite the heat and rain and long day. Both DD5 & DD3 fell asleep on the bus on the way home, a first for the week. Sadly we pack up tomorrow morning, hopefully check out Epcot for a few final rides, then back home.

Steps: 14,800 which is almost 8 miles. Our feetsies hurt. :frowning:


Day 8: Epcot, then heading home

I’m writing this one post-humorously (haha) as I never wrote an entry for the final day.

We got up, packed up our stuff, and headed out to Epcot around 9:30. We decided to do a few hours here before MDE came to get us since Epcot was a 5 minute walk from BC. We ended up going to Soarin’, then did TT, then just wandered around for a while, getting last minute photos done before calling it a day. We did manage to catch Pluto

and Alice

before heading back to BC. We used up the last of our QS credits on a pizza at BW, ate just a few slices and gave the rest to another family just sitting down. We headed back to the front of BC and MDE picked us up to head to MCO.

It was a phenomenal trip, filled with lots of fun, pixie dust and honestly not too many meltdowns or bad days. We agreed that next time we’d do less total park days and go ahead and pay for PH to allow us to move between the parks. We had less fun in Epcot than I had expected. I think DD7 would like spending time wandering WS with me, but the younger two didn’t care for that. HS was good but might be one or two half-days, rather than 1 full day. AK is definitely a 1/2 day for us.

Double stroller was a god-send, and our girls fought so much over who got to sit I’d almost consider bringing a single-stroller too.

I was not prepared for the humidity, that was the only “downside” to our trip.

The girls did pressed pennies throughout the trip, so that was lots of fun, trying to scout out the penny machines.

I also wish we’d spent more time exploring the resorts, riding the monorail around, and just being more free to do what we wanted. I loved having TPs, and while it very much helped keep wait times down, we did lose flexibility to do what we felt like. Like if we missed the plan we’d not get to see and do certain attractions.

We’re planning to go again this May, and this time I think we’ll do much more splitting up, letting DH and DD7 and maybe DD3 (now 4!) do the thrill rides while DD5 (now 6!) do more wandering, shows, easy rides and eating. And catching al the rides and shows we didn’t see in September. Like Haunted Mansion. I will do that this time! :smile: We also might stay offsite and rent a car, see how that goes for one trip before deciding what is best for our family for how to tour WDW.

Thanks for reading and “tagging along” on our trip. Putting this out here has helped me relive the fun memories from our trip and makes me that much more excited for the May trip!


I’m excited to read your report. I couldn’t help put look ahead and your pictures are adorable! Or I should say your girls are adorable! What sweeties


Love a good trip report but especially one where it’s a first time trip for the kiddos! I had some tears just thinking how much fun and how excited your girls were meeting princesses and getting special pixie dust moments! It reminds me of why I love taking ds5 to disney an can’t wait for ds1 to get “it”! Thanks for letting us follow along and can’t wait to hear how your next trip goes :slight_smile:


Really enjoyed reading your report and seeing all your great pictures! Your trip was awesome! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! :smile: