Trip report prep

So I am planning my trip report and I leave in 3 days! For a variety of reasons, I haven’t told many people we are going. There are a few people I would like to share my trip report with sort of discreetly. If I post in the open forum and share the link with a few of my friends, will they be able to follow along, even though they are not “card carrying members” (by which, they are not TP subscribers)?

I believe only LaCava is restricted. They should be able to view but I don’t think post?


Pretty sure this is correct

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I thought La Cava was not visible to the public. Am I wrong?

That’s what PT said :wink:

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Great! That is what I thought, but wanted to double check. I am pretty sure I have been logged out and been able to see post, but not post, but wasn’t sure if my memory was tricking me. Of course I suppose I could have just logged out and then tested it myself, but this was so much easier, thank you!

Oh, I thought she was saying that you could view La Cava. I’m sleep deprived…

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Hahaha! Happens to the best of us :slight_smile:

Caffeine anyone??

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I’m on my second large cup. It’s obviously not enough…