Trip report of V-day Ultimate tour attempt MK


Thanks for sharing!

I’m tired just from reading that!

lol thanks @FlyerFan1973 it’s tiring but fun

Reading this was a blast. LOVED it.

If my DD20 makes it into the Disney College Program, I’m planning a short solo trip to visit her & am contemplating doing a MK UT attempt. You describing your experience here is very helpful. You’ve also explained well why FPP stinks compared to legacy FP. Waiting on line for FPPs defeats its whole purpose!!

I’ve noticed that most people who fell one attraction short usually missed the Main St. Vehicles. (Interestingly, the last time I went in Sept 2014 was the 1st time I’d ever ridden on one, 1st thing in the morning, w/the Dapper Dans singing in the back seat!) So I’ll be prioritizing that, even at the expense of short early lines.

I applaud you & especially applaud your trooper of a daughter. She sounds a lot like my own DD11.

Thanks again for sharing this; I enjoyed it immensely.

@ejj thank you so much

You guys are troopers, 3:30 AM wow!!

[quote=“ejj, post:5, topic:10244”]
Waiting on line for FPPs defeats its whole purpose[/quote]

I see this differently, as I believe you wait less time in line for FPP than you would spent walking across the park to the attraction you wanted to get your old FastPass. It seems like less time because you’re moving, but I like being able to select any available attraction FPP from anywhere in the park. You should also consider the time saved by your initial three FPP selections, that are made before you even enter the park at times you want (not just the time the machine spit out as the next available time).

If one planned out legacy FPs well, that rarely happened. But even if it did… I’d rather walk across the park, enjoy the scenery & sites & people & stuff you encounter along the way, grab some FPs, and continue on my way, than… STAND IN LINE.

Standing in line is one of my least favorite things to do in this world.
Which is why touringplans & the Unofficial Guide to WDW are so awesome.
Without them, I don’t even know if I’d enjoy WDW much.

To each his own, your mileage (literally!) may vary. :smile:
Go well.

EDIT: Of course, the best of all worlds would be to be able to make FPPs from one’s phone without waiting for a kiosk. And there is zero reason why it could not technically be done. It’s a total fail on WDW’s part that one must wait in a long line for a FPP. Again, it defeats the entire raison d’etre for FPs.

Totally agree with you here - I cannot understand why WDW has not set it up this way.

However, as the family’s Designated FP Runner (Retired), I would much rather stand for a short time in a cool area waiting at a FPP kiosk and enjoying a snack than running across the park and then returning to the next attraction all hot and sweaty only to find that the rest of the family is not there, having either gotten lost walking 100 feet ("HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE THE F-ING HUGE MISSION:SPACE SIGN!!!) or has wandered into a gift shop somewhere.

That’s funny. :smile:
Of course, you don’t know me well enough to know that I LOVE hot weather, I’m for global warming, and I want to move to the equator when I retire, so I have no idea what “all hot & sweaty” even feels like. :wink: And yes, I was always the “runner” when running was necessary (it rarely was) & I always enjoyed it.

[quote=“brklinck, post:10, topic:10244”]
as the family’s Designated FP Runner (Retired)[/quote]

On two recent trips with other families I discovered that the FP Runner job was alive and well. After using a FPP, I’d go to the nearest kiosk while my traveling companions retrieved their stroller. It gave me something to do and saved time.

But at least the FPP kiosks are in slightly more convenient locations. I have memories for going from Tomorrowland to Frontierland and back again in the merciless Florida heat and humidity. :sob:

[quote=“brklinck, post:13, topic:10244”]
But at least the FPP kiosks are in slightly more convenient locations[/quote]

That’s one of the reasons I like the new FastPass system. I’ve heard from others that appreciated the time away from their family while walking across the park, but fortunately I’ve not needed that respite from my traveling companions.