Trip Report March 27-30

Thanks for all the tips y’all shared. Maybe some of this will help someone else!
Details- we went March 27-30th and stayed at Pop with 2 middle schoolers, 2 teens, and 2 adults. I bought genie + and ILLs but did not buy park hoppers.

  • we got up each morning for LL selections at 7. We got all the ones we wanted including ROR and FOP It worked best when we stepped outside the room rather than using phones inside the rooms. I used 2 phones, one on WiFi and one on cell service so if one stalled I could switch to the other. On ILL Iphone13 required face recognition to purchase which meant I had to keep my husband close by if using his phone bc I needed his face.

  • all of my 7 am sections ended up being for times Later than I thought I was getting except for one. My Remy purchase ended up being 5 min earlier (no big deal but I never imagined they would move forward!)

  • we booked the rides we thought were most likely to break down for LL at 7. Splash and Test Track. Sure enough splash did. When rides break down you automatically get a Multi experience pass to return any time.

  • I had one issue where my ILL was the exact same time as dining reservation. Since it was a day we were sleeping in I couldn’t go to a blue umbrella to help without dragging everyone out of bed. The hotel manager is the one that was finally able to help me. She called the ‘umbrella people’ for me from the hotel and helped straighten it out. This was after calling tech support who told me they have never had this happen before (something I found hard to believe)

  • for HS, AK, and Epcot I booked all passes together but we didn’t necessarily ride together. I did tell the kids that they had to ride ILL with me since I was paying for it :wink:

-MK everyone did their own thing. I taught the kids how to use it and the middle schoolers did great. The teen boys figured it was easier to just text me and I booked for them. I set alarms on my phone so I knew when each pair of kids could get new passes. We all scanned and rebooked rides in the morning then stacked rides for after our dinner break.

-I used the tips from you guys to grab hard to get things. For HS, My kids used to give me a countdown and I refreshed 2 seconds before 7. We got ROR at 10:25. Frozen dropped at 1:32 thanks to y’all I knew to keep my selection window open at this time in case it popped up and it did!.

  • one other thing- I used the crowd calendar on TP to figure out what day to do each park. I also planned MK and Epcot on days that did NOT have extra magic hours so crowds would be dying down as the closing time approached.

Thanks for the help you guys offered on this forum.


Great rundown on how you managed LL and G+! Thanks!